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Librairie Mollat.

Librairie Mollat.

These are some of the best photos I’ve have seen in a very long time, such a spirit of fun, and it’s amazing how well these book store employees match their picks! Whatever you’re doing, find a small window of time to go and look at them all, each one is a delight, this is pure treasure, and reminder of just how grand we people can be. A few more:


Librairie Mollat.


Librairie Mollat.


Librairie Mollat.


Librairie Mollat.

Oh, go look at them all!

Next up, some truly stunning photos … of people drenched in honey. Just one here, the rest below the fold, because nakedness, so watch yourself at work.

Blake Little.

Blake Little.

Blake Little.

Blake Little.


Blake Little.


Blake Little.

Serious kudos to all the models, I can’t say I’d be thrilled at having my very, very long hair drenched with honey, but I can’t deny the awesomeness of the photos! You can see the rest of the photos at Incredible Things. Blake Little’s website is here. The series is called Preservation.


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    Love the playfulness and the effort of the bookshop people.

    People drenched in honey look like statues made of beeswax. Beautiful pictures.

    I’d imagine your hair drenched in honey would weigh quite a lot and resist any and all head movements by stickiness.

  2. says

    Also, in the book shop photos -- the 7th one, the one of Queen Elizabeth, the books all the way to the right, second shelf down, with the pretty red on the spines? I have that book! It’s Albertus Seba Cabinet of Natural Curiosities, The complete plates in color, 1734-1765.


  3. says

    So much honey!!!

    I always feel a bit sad to see food wasted in art. For a while, photographers were taking pictures of people with dead octopi on their heads.

    There are polyvinylalcohol/borax combinations that produce a very similar effect, and, with a bit of coloration, would look pretty much identical at a cost of about $2 per gallon. If you ever know anyone who wants me to whip up a batch, I have a lot of the ingredients in my cabinet ‘o weird…

  4. Raucous Indignation says

    I had a very visceral negative reaction to the honey shots. [what did I just do there?] Honey is one of my least favorite textures.

  5. says

    Raucous Indignation:

    Honey is one of my least favorite textures.

    Oh no. It’s so delicious! I am sorry for the bad reaction though, that’s not something I want for people to experience.

  6. blf says

    The honey-soaked individuals reminded me of the legend — not sure if this is true or not‡ — that in ancient Egypt, Pepi II (at least) had (presumed naked) slaves smeared in honey as living fly attractors / traps. Horrible Histories (who else?) did a short segment on this, King Pepi’s Super Sticky Anti Fly Honey Slave.

      ‡ Even using Generalissimo Google Scholar, I’ve been unable to track down the origin or definitive source for this easily-found legend(? fact?).

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