1. Dunc says

    Note that the sticker on Woody’s guitar does not read “This machine politely debates fascists”.

  2. Saad says

    Ugh. There you go again, Caine. Being as bad as a polite white concentration camp associate caringly looking after the hygiene of their Jewish clientele.

    Don’t you know that all ideas should be safe in public spaces?

    Some noble white racist Enlightenment figure said so.

  3. rq says

    This machine politely debates fascists

    Hmm. Perhaps that can be spun into a t-shirt: “This person does not politely debate fascists”, and leave it up to the imagination as to what this person does do with fascists.

    (“I’m not advocating violence, no, I’m just saying I wouldn’t politely debate them. You’re the one advocating violence by saying I’m advocating violence by not participating in polite debates with fascists.”)

  4. says

    Thanks. I’m genuinely about to go all Hulk Smash in the comments of my post, but watching/listening to these calmed me down a bit…

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