Support Native Youth.


The Oceti Sakowin youth are asking for help, as we continue in our fight for healthy land, clean water, and healthy people.

Construction for the Dakota Access Pipeline has begun in spite of thousands and thousands of people demanding a stop to the project and the 1,800-mile run we made across the country to deliver your signatures to the Army Corps.

Now we’re going to the front lines of the fight against this pipeline and we want to bring other youth leaders with us to join the struggle!

What we’re doing is risky, but we’re willing to do it for our future. Will you help us bring youth leaders from surrounding reservations to the Sacred Stone Camp where we are staying? Your donation will go towards renting buses and buying food and camping gear for young activists.

We’ve already helped to disrupt construction of the pipeline by peacefully using our bodies to block roads – but we need more support!

We believe that young people should be on the front lines of the movement to protect our water and our future. Donate $5 today to invest in youth leadership and the protection of our planet!

If you can kick in, please do. I don’t have much myself, but I kicked in because this is so very important.  If you can’t, please signal boost, can’t stop the signal!

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