Hollywood Is So Biased…


against Christians! I guess the God’s Not Dead 2 people are not so happy with the result of their latest flick, because they can’t stop yelling Persecution! It’s persecution that their gigantic ad wasn’t draped on a building, so much so that a congresscritter has vowed to hunt down the person responsible, and apparently, this is the only way Pat Boone can get any publicity anymore.

Christianity is getting a bad rap in movies and TV shows, say 32 percent of Republicans, an opinion shared by only 5 percent of Democrats, according to a scientific poll released on Sunday.

I think we can drop the intended weight of scientific here.

The results of the poll from the Barna Group were shared with The Hollywood Reporter at a screening of God’s Not Dead 2 in Cleveland, ahead of the Republican National Convention, which gets underway Monday. GOP Faith, an arm of the party, co-hosted the screening.

The poll asked consumers: “What is your opinion of Hollywood’s treatment of Christianity?”

Ooooh, opinions! How scientific.

The 32 percent of Republicans who answered that it generally portrays it “negatively” was more than six times the number of Democrats who answered similarly. This result didn’t surprise Pat Boone, one of the stars of the film.

Can we say confirmation bias?

“Christianity imposes restrictions on behavior, even in movies,” Boone told THR. “Hollywood doesn’t like it when people tell them to stick to moral rules because it makes a lot of money breaking those rules. Orgies, vampires, zombies, debauchery of all forms. Anything goes, and it is liberal Democrats who are making these films. Depravity is profitable.”

Yes, depravity is profitable, Pat. It’s profitable everywhere. Where would Christianity be without it? Nowhere at all. Take away your darling devil, and you have nothing.

Boone offered an example from his own career, saying he was recently offered a role in a TV pilot where he’d play a Christian book publisher as “a heathen, money-grubbing hypocrite.”

“This happens all the time,” said Boone. “They tried to utilize my good image to skewer people of faith. They portray us as dunces.”

Prior to the screening was a worship service, the first time the RNC has held such an event at one of its presidential conventions. Among those who spoke was former GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, who also appears in God’s Not Dead 2. He told the 300 attendees that a billboard advertising the movie was deemed too “incendiary” to be hung near the convention venue. A pro-atheist sign, though, is here, and so is a giant billboard showing Donald Trump and Ted Cruz kissing, with the text: “Love Trumps Hate. End homophobia.”

“If you’ve never had a reason to watch this film, you’ve got one now,” Huckabee said prior to the start of God’s Not Dead 2, which stars Melissa Joan Hart as a teacher in trouble for citing scripture in the classroom. 

“It’s harder today than ever to truly live as a person of faith because you’re subjected to ridicule and scorn and contempt,” he said.

I am so sick and tired of this shit. Ridicule. Scorn. Contempt. Those things, while bad, aren’t happening because you’re a Christian. They’re happening because you’re bigoted asswipes with a vast need to control the lives of every single person on the planet according to your personal values. Bit of a difference there. Besides, Christians are supposed to rejoice in persecution, that’s why you all keep trying to pretend you’re being persecuted all the time. Wanting to have your cake and eat it too.

…Said Medved: “It’s not so much that Christians are lampooned all the time — though that certainly happens — it’s that they’re ignored, and they shouldn’t be. In any given week, four times more Americans go to church than go to the movies.”

So, if Christians are in churches, and not movie theaters, no problem, right? Right?

…The poll, commissioned by the God’s Not Dead 2 filmmakers, indicated that most moviegoers had mixed feelings about Hollywood’s treatment of Christianity, but 4 percent of Republicans said Christians are portrayed “positively” compared with 18 percent of Democrats.

Oooh, how sciencey that all is! I’m so not impressed.

Via Hollywood Reporter.


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    … it is liberal Democrats who are making these films. Depravity is profitable.

    And conservatives would never touch any form of profit unless it was morally correct.*

    Amazing how modern Repubs so assiduously avoid confronting the contradiction between (their versions of) “morality” and their idol of The Market™…

    *That is to say, praved -- full of pravity!

  2. says

    If someone did a survey asking, “Does hollyweird alter facts and create fictions about history to please the US military?” the results would likely be reversed.

    Scriptwriters and producers will rewrite anything in order to get “technical assistance”. They would write a story claiming the Vietnamese committed the Mỹ Lai Massacre if the US military made it a condition for filming.

  3. rq says

    Somehow, I’m having difficulty summoning up any sympathy or even pity for these people. Funny how that works.

  4. says

    Chigau @ 6:

    I know. It’s interesting how that’s ignored, because it it was anyone else, it wouldn’t be.

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