Pat Blames PC Culture for HB 2 Hate

Pat McCrory

Pat McCrory

With House Bill 2 under intense scrutiny, the signer of the controversial transphobic bill — North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory — lashed out at his critics and voiced concern he would lose his job. […] On the radio show, McCrory declined to take responsibility for the blowback and instead lamented his new pariah status.

“And now, sadly, in our nation if you have disagreement and you’re on the wrong side of that disagreement, according to the thought police, you’re dispensed of. You’re exiled,” he said. “I’ve even had some people call me, ‘Please don’t, governor, don’t show up to this event because I have people who disagree with you and we don’t want it.'”


“Society is changing quickly, and anybody who gets in the way is in trouble,” McCrory said on The Big Show. “And I might be in trouble. I might be looking for a side job over here.”

McCrory denied Cooper’s charge that HB 2 has embarrassed North Carolina, which has been hemorrhaging millions thanks to events and entertainers pulling out of the state.

“We haven’t embarrassed North Carolina by talking about something logically,” he said. “It’s logic but it’s not politically correct, apparently.”

The governor also contended that Bruce Springsteen, one of the performers boycotting the Tar Heel State, canceled his Greensboro performance because he couldn’t sell tickets. According to the Greensboro Coliseum, the show had sold 15,000 tickets and was about 100 tickets away from being sold out. McCrory also took umbrage with Fox News and Meet the Press, saying they presented him in a bad light when he was defending HB 2.

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  1. johnson catman says

    McCrory is pulling at straws. He knows he is on the wrong side of this issue, and he probably regrets that he signed the bill, but he can’t admit he is wrong now. Typical republican victim-blaming attitude though. I am very pleased that the DOJ has come down hard on him. The only “logical” course of action would be to repeal the law.

    And it is laughable that he claimed Springsteen couldn’t sell tickets. That right there shows that McCrory and the republicans have no connection with reality.

  2. Kengi says

    Always intrigued by the “Your speech is critical of my speech so, in the name of free speech, your speech should not be allowed” argument.

  3. Siobhan says

    He does know how democracy works, right? “Wahh, wahh, my voters are more informed than me.”

  4. says

    Johnson catman:

    but he can’t admit he is wrong now.

    If he did, and could work up a semblance of a sincere apology, it would rescue his career. As he’s too incompetent to even figure that much out, I say good fuckin’ riddance.

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