1. cicely says

    My first thought was, “Eyeball vine???”—because the red bits caught my eye first; and I suspect that the two big eyes on the other piece affected that impression.
    In other news, I’ve received my matrioshka blanks—now, to figure out how I want to do ’em….

  2. blf says

    cicely@1, “matrioshka blanks” — I had no idea what that was so I used this Intertubes thingy to look it up. Generalissimo Google suggests you mean Matryoshka (that is, “Russian (nesting) doll”) blanks?

    The mildly deranged penguin suggests penguin, cheese, cheese, MUSHROOMS!, cheese, vin, cheese, moar cheese, and just to be certain, cheese.

  3. cicely says

    blf: Yep, them’s the thing. A simple i-for-y swap is closer than I’d’ve guessed I’d be, but I was typing it by (mis)memory.
    I’m not sure how well Cthulhu & Co. would take to being served up covered in cheese….

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