1. kestrel says

    That’s the kind of thing I see where I live -- we’re not quite that flat, but it’s similar; I’d say about 95% of my neighbors are cows. And one often can follow balloons to a yard sale. Love it!

  2. says


    Looks like your snow has finally melted.

    Oh, this wasn’t taken recently! We don’t have snow now, but we do have dirt and bare trees. It will be a while before things start growing.

    If I remember right, we came across this while heading out to Nygren Dam.

  3. blf says

    The mildly deranged penguin climbs over me and onto the top of the monitor, where she hangs down — being careful to keep the bucket of Scotch upright — and takes a deep sniff. After coughing out two spiders who took advantage of the opportunity (one of them landed in the Scotch but she(the mildly deranged penguin) doesn’t seem to have noticed, nor is aware-of the slurping sound and rapidly decreasing volume…), she(the mildly deranged penguin, the spider is otherwise occupied) proclaims there is no trace of any cheese plants, but there are definite hints of peas, and an overpowering stink of horse. Also walrus, but no trace of carpenters or oysters. And a touch of spider.

    (She then notices the bucket is empty, save for a spider at the bottom on its back, going “Wee! Wee!! HIC Weeeeeee!!!“, and shooting out short strands of very wobbly silk.)

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