The Cooch is all about small gubmint, except when it comes to divorce

Ah Ken Cuccinelli, right-wing god-bot and culture warrior deluxe. We’re all weary with claims by social conservative hypocrites about how they pine for a freer, smaller gubmint America, with liberty for all; except of course when it comes to things they approve of, whether it’s preventing people from entering into marriages the wingnut gubmint dislikes or forcing people to remain in marriages the same theocrats adore: [Read more…]

Texas church rife with anti-vaxxers causes outbreak

The anti-vaccine movement is alive and well, much to the detriment of all residents of North Texas and surrounding regions. This is attributed to a church which is said to have many members who object to vaccination. One would assume for the usual bevy of hysterical claims fostered by the willfully ignorant in service to the powerful. They definitely caused a mess in this case: [Read more…]

Weiner’s weiner strikes again

Yes, I know it’s not fair, democrats don’t run around being all high and mighty decreeing who can put their divine what in a gutter sinner’s where. Nevertheless, I said this with Clinton and I’ll say it with Anthony Wiener, please, fucking stop. If Clinton had been able to keep little willie in his pants, Gore might well have prevailed in 2000. [Read more…]

GOP head assures fundamentalists his party not serious about being tolerant

The Republican Party has a terrible problem, too many people think they’re a bunch of old creepy white guys who only care about a few creepy old, rich religious fanatics! Some conservatives have even been running around saying they might be more inclusive to immigrants or gays and lesbians, perish the though! So party chairman Reince Priebus took to the fundie airwaves to quietly assure the right-wing faithful that his party will not waver from a course of religiously inspired hatred and intolerance, but they will rename hatred love and intolerance they’ll call grace: [Read more…]

Are we still numero uno in scientific illiteracy?


With all the former tobacco shilling one time defense scientists turned global warning deniers, and a few scattered young earth creationist nuts buttressed by our friends looking for cosmic aliens in various physiological mechanisms, AKA Intelligent Design, you’d think the US still sports the most willfully ignorant subset of purportedly educated human beings in the western world. Perhaps we do — there is national pride to consider after all, so perhaps we do. But cast the eye of shame down south, way south, where our friends down under are giving US illiterates a run for our dumb money: [Read more…]