Christian “dating coach” advises women to STFU

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Paypal email: darksydothemoon-at-aol-dot-com

Leave it to Texas. Here in the Lone Star State we have a heartless Governor and a ton of willing acolytes spewing religious nonsense to justify their greed and the casualties of the Class War. But there’s, so much more! You have to wonder if Christian Mingle is going to snatch this guy up … a school near Dallas actually brought this clown in for a motivational talk. Here’s a a couple of his brilliant insights: [Read more…]

Bill Maher rips into Scalia’s Satanic delusions

Maher: But somehow, the lack of Beelzebub sightings positively mystifies the leading legal mind in conservative America. Scalia says: “In the Gospels, the Devil is doing all sorts of things. He’s making pigs run off cliffs, he’s possessing people and whatnot. And that doesn’t happen very much anymore …” (audience laughter)

Does anyone have any idea where that “making pigs run off a cliff” dealio came from? Because I try to stay on top of these grifters and religious fanatics for a semi-living, and it seems like several times a month something bugfuck crazy like that still comes out of nowhere, and yet turns out to have a storied etymology in the pious pews ringing Bullshit Mountain. Think how jarring that is: if it were parent-student career day at the local elem school, and a local judge came in wearing his robes presumably to talk to eager young children about legal careers, and started ranting instead about the devil being a real person who chases pigs off of cliffs, wow, you might want to pull your kid out of that school.

New polls suggest Ted Cruz may be our secret weapon in 2014


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A new poll showing a jaw dropping plunge in popularity for a notable Teaparty shutter could be an ominous portent for Republicans who got dragged into the shutdown mess by Ted Cruz. The poll conducted by the Center For the Study of Elections and Democracy at Brigham Young University using a rigorous methodology in one of the most conservative states in the nation shows Cruz sidekick Mike Lee losing favorability in a big way. [Read more…]

Polls trend hard against GOP, Koch Brothers distance themselves


Slate has a couple of new polls showing a precipitous drop for the GOP, click the image for that article. At this point, the number of people who approve of the GOP roughly match only those who identify with the Teaparty. The rest are gone. Although dems showed a very slight down tick in the same category, dems ticked  up slightly toward the good on another, related question while Republicans saw a near identical delta in the opposite direction.

Data like this shows the issue is solidly against the Republicans in the minds of the public. Which may help explain why the Kochwhores, under attack for this NYT piece reporting they enabled the shutdown strategy, sent out a tepid release distancing themselves from the shutdown: [Read more…]

Morning Star Ministries calls for military takeover

Remember during the Bush years when merely criticizing a government policy, like invading Iraq or the Katrina responses, was high treason? Rick Joyner apparently does not, nor is he worried his cult will glom onto it.

The funny thing is, much of what he says is true in a sense: as in one small hyper-conservative faction in the GOP, Teaparty Republicans, are behaving unconstitutionally and screwing up the nation mightily. But in Joyner’s addled mind, it’s the Teaparty minority that needs to be installed by military coup. Maybe it has something to do with three million people visiting a certain site … What would Jesus do?

2.8 million people have visited today and we’ve received 81k calls! We’re excited so many people want to #GetCovered @AccessHealthCT

A sad sign of the anti-science times


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My parents were thoughtful. They dutifully stimulated my interest in reading and especially science and math, as a youngster. One of those gifts was a subscription to Popular Science magazine when I was barely ten-years-old. I can still smell the fresh glossy pages and feel the excitement of a future they implied; even the ads were fun for me to read. But at the same time I was learning about planets and atoms, down the hall from my bedroom an older sibling was being quietly indoctrinated by one of many seemingly innocent evangelical Christian outreach efforts aimed at young people, this one was called Young Life, but it was just one among many.

This latest announcement by Popular Science online is an indicator that science and reason still remain locked in an ancient battle with superstition and propaganda, and it’s by no means clear which will prevail: [Read more…]