Stay classy, ISIS

BTW the video played slowly and choppy for me, and MSNBC is by no means the only streaming site that has these problems. I have no idea why major media organizations can’t do better. But I’ll take a wild guess and assume it has to do with money.


  1. machintelligence says

    I am by no means an internet expert, but I believe that MSNBC has been going to higher definition for their clips. I had to increase my download speed to cure the problem. Paying for higher speed was still cheaper than a cable subscription. There have also been numerous other glitches, such as a problem with comment scrolling and allowing some folks, but not others to post links.

  2. laurentweppe says

    The iconoclasm is just the upper-layer of wickedness: Daesh actually maintain a very profitable art pieces black-market, selling priceless artifacts for cold, hard cash, and these videos showing the destruction of old statues (although some are actually plaster replicas) are a way to drive the prices up.

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