Republican Jesus cuts off the blind


Jesus Healing the Blind, courtesy of Garden of Praise Bib-color for kids

If there was a real Jesus, son of God or just someone’s son, he was probably a bit of a firebrand idealist. Possibly even what we might call an earth dude or hippy. As opposed to Republican Jesus, the guy reported in the Bible was big on helping the poor, the sick, the blind …

DFP — A service used by about 3,000 blind people in Michigan to access newspapers and magazines is to be shut off this week because the state cut funding, the provider said Monday.

The state no longer wants to pay the $52,000 annual cost of the NFB-Newsline service, which provides 24/7 free audio access to about 360 local, national and international newspapers and magazines, including the Free Press and five other Michigan newspapers, said Scott White, who directs the service for the National Federation of the Blind in Baltimore.

That low of a cost for that much work probably means most of the people translating the written material into audio on behalf of others are unpaid volunteers.


  1. mattyarbrough says

    There is a similar service in SouthWestern Illinois, and the readers are all volunteers.

  2. marcus says

    Why do I despise Rethuglicans? Let me count the ways. (Hey, I think I just discovered the biggest prime number!)

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