Militant atheism vs militant religion

Throughout the summer we have been bombarded by images of ISIS, a bloodthirsty group of medieval savages threatening to torture and murder anyone who does not subscribe to their specific version of Islam. ISIS is guilty of every allegation made and odds are, when and if the desert dust ever clears, we will learn of even more horror visited on innocent bystanders. Nick Cohen explores this further and contrasts it with atheists organizations in The Guardian: [Read more…]

Atheists are too much like Nazis & the KKK



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The mayor of Warren, MI., (That would be Ed Brayton’s home state) had a new insult to hurl at us yesterday. When asked about a pending lawsuit where an atheist was allegedly discriminated against while Christians were given the green light, Mayor Fouts broke every irony meter in existence: [Read more…]

How will atheists explain THIS?

After a spate of applying for some jobs I somehow ended up on several wingnut emails lists. As annoying as it is, that marketing method works, I open them from time to time, whenever I need a laugh, or a sob. What’s shocking isn’t the sheer magnitude of the lies, it’s how badly their own, sincere righties, are openly preyed on by shysters with the full cooperation and aide of the GOP establishment. It’s just one scam after another. Today the subject was “How will atheists explain THIS!?”

That link goes to a page that screams in large red letters: [Read more…]

Santa & Jesus are both WHITE


Talk about the seaon to be giving, Megyn Kelly and cohorts gifted this to Jon Stewart and he passed it on, greatly enhanced, to us all, in two segments that may be the best evfer produced by TDS. It doesn’t stop there, fantastic satire and merry making are to be had at Megyn’s expense all over the Toobz. Merry Christmas … white Santa believers and the rest!


Churches of non-believers grow


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The nation is getting back to normal, as normal as that quasi-holiday period between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be anyway. Here at FTB/z, over the holiday week, we decided to build a PC and maybe use Linux, I’m back to blegging for a living, and Comet ISON fell apart at perihelion except maybe not completely. If the hustle and bustle is too much, you can always visit your local atheist church for whatever it is atheist churches offer. There’s one coming soon to a town near you: [Read more…]

Why do atheists “hate” Christmas?


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If not for FTB, thanks to the Great Recession and an ill-timed heart attack and blood chemistry issue, I don’t know where I would be this Christmas. Speaking of which, every now and then someone asks us why we celebrate Christmas, or accuses us of hating the season in some way … [Read more…]