This might not qualify as the end times


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Alright guys and gals, I’m about 150 now about 100 about 65 about 45 bucks shy of where I have to be. Only 45 dollars! If you can pitch in a buck or two above, please, I’m practically begging.

Most people know Yellowstone is an old super volcano caldera and is likely to erupt again sometime in the next half million years. It could be any time actually and since we’ve never seen a full blown super volcano get cranking, we don’t know if they spend years or centuries getting revved up, or if they can just cut loose and blow.

As super volcanoes go, Yellowstone is a garden variety disaster in the turbulent natural history of Earth. As far as what a major eruption would do to a fragile, present day civilization, it would be the end of the United States as we know it and the onset of a global climate catastrophe of Biblical proportion. So I keep on top of it, but it looks like this latest round of earthquake clusters might not be the end of the world some alarmists and snake oil salesman are touting: [Read more…]

Sunday school for atheists: James 5


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The Epistle of James is an interesting read even though scholars cannot agree on when exactly it was written and there is some debate about who James was; some arguing he may have been Christ’s younger brother. But most agree it was written shortly after Christ’s crucifixion and eventually some parts were included in the New Testament, as the Bible was developed more toward its modern form throughout the third century.

The Book of James includes warnings about fanaticism, ceremony and formalism over good grassroots faith, the corruption of wealth and the oppression of labor. Here’s some context for the latter: [Read more…]

2 Thessalonians 3:10: He who will not work will not eat


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I work, I just don’t get paid shit, hence this weeks bleg above, the smallest donation is gratefully appreciated. You may have heard of folks in Congress parroting those words in the title to justify cutting billions from food stamps. One of them is Stephen Fincher (R-Hypocrite) who somewhat started the practice back in May, and who incidentally received more than $70,000 in farm subsidies in 2012 alone and has racked up over $3 million in taxpayer loot in the last decade. He’s not alone on that score either, there are a dozen more lfundie House hypocrites on the dole just like him. Of course, most of those who receive food stamps or who are eligible do work or are children.

But does it even mean what the congressman thinks it does? Here’s some context [Read more…]

The Horror! He only makes a $172,000 a year …


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So while I’m desperately begging readers this weekend for small dollar donations, to keep from getting my utilities shut off at the end of this month, this clown, who is worth three million dollars, has the grapes to whine about his taxpayer-paid salary of $172,000 200k a year plus comprehensive healthcare. That would be Philip Gingrey (R-Asshole) way down south in the land of Dixie and he did’;t even get the basic salary right: [Read more…]

In which Republican Jesus takes food from the mouths of children


It’s unfortunate the Teaparty has ramrodded a cut to SNAP through, as if those of us who are struggling needed to be further shamed and punished for the excesses of Wall Street. But cut it they did and that sucks because I might have been near qualifying. In fact I have to cover some bills by the end of this month and it’s gonna be tight. If anyone can spare five or ten bucks to help out, the Paypal donation link is above, my account is at DarkSydoTheMoon at the domain AOL and then the ole dot-com (Trying not to get spammed mercilessly by hungry bots).

No doubt the usual suspects would be high-fiving one another, near ecstatic, knowing they may hurt an atheist blogger, but here’s the sad state of conservative concern for people even poorer, more religious, and less influential than I am: [Read more…]

Christian moron plans to imperil family all over again

Not long ago Sean Gastonguay almost killed his entire family by “fleeing the US’ by sea and getting lost in the middle of the Pacific.
Gastonguay claimed to be escaping an abortion friendly US government and ended up adrift for weeks. He ended up costing the taxpayers of several nations untold thousands of dollars and manhours to save his sorry ass and get home. I guess that was just a dry run, because he’s gonna do it again: [Read more…]