I am living at ground zero for demon infestation

I need to get out more. Had I just strolled around Austin a bit, possibly 6th street or just north near the capital a few days ago, there would have been clear evidence of supernatural activity most foul. It was right outside my door! Testify, grifter extraordinaire Rick Wiles:

Rightwing Watch — These demons weren’t hiding behind bushes, they were out in the street; they were in the streets possessing the people who were demanding the right to murder babies.

I hope this is sinking in to our audience of the severity of the Satanic attack that the church is under right now. Make now mistake about what is happening; this is raw Satanic sewage coming up out of Hell. The sewer pipes of Hell have broken open and this is raw hate against Jesus Christ, against God, against the Bible, against righteous men and women, against life, against anything that is good and decent.

This is the face of the Obamanista revolution and this is only the beginning. This is only the beginning of what these people have planned. If the restraints are ever taken off these people, they’re going to kill us. There is going to be mass slaughter of Christians; that’s what these people desire.

Maybe he was having a flashback to Halloween and 6th street?


  1. lanir says

    He seems to be having a bit of a communication problem.

    The rest of the internets, when they want to convey the same message, simply says “Can’t sleep, clowns will eat me” and everyone understands that they’re just acting like paranoid whackjobs.

  2. says

    Is it like a big college town, with lots of female demons who are young, healthy, sexy, and living away from home for the first time? If so, how are rents and mortgages there?

  3. Anthony K says

    There is going to be mass slaughter of Christians; that’s what these people desire.

    Hey, only because Jesus says it’s good for Christians. You want us to follow your fucking Bible, or don’t you?

  4. Francisco Bacopa says

    Yo. wait a minute. Back when Perry had his poorly attended prayer rally in Houston Cindy Jacobs said that Southeast Texas was a center of demonic because of Karankawa cannibalism. The whole idea that the Karankawa were cannibals came from a Tonkawa linguist who could speak Spanish and English. The earliest reports of the Karankawa from Cabeza de Vaca have no mention of cannibalism. His troops were kept as an exhibit in a kind of human zoo for a while, but were then given provisions for their march to Veracruz.

    BTW, a small section of southeast Texas has escaped the drought. The rains came the night Hitchens made his last public appearance which was at the Texas Freethought convention in Houston two years ago. He had been scheduled to speak, but had canceled. I knew he would be there because I knew he had been getting treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Turns out he checked in that night and died a couple of weeks later. It has been reasonably wet ever since. We would like more rain, and more rain inland so our rivers will run high, but we have rain while most of Texas does not. The Hitch beat Perry.

  5. Randomfactor says

    Anthony #6, it would be entirely in character for the Biblical god to ORDER the mass slaughter.

    Because love.

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