Weiner’s weiner strikes again

Yes, I know it’s not fair, democrats don’t run around being all high and mighty decreeing who can put their divine what in a gutter sinner’s where. Nevertheless, I said this with Clinton and I’ll say it with Anthony Wiener, please, fucking stop. If Clinton had been able to keep little willie in his pants, Gore might well have prevailed in 2000.

TheDirty.com (Graphic image warning) — Things were very intense by August 2012/already talks of the Chicago sex condo and having sexual conversations. We would send naked images to each other and have phone sex. Anthony Weiner would send me penis pictures from his Carlos Danger yahoo email to my Gmail. By November 2012 our relationship began to fizzle out.

How different our history might have been —  to the tune of at last a couple trillion dollars and thousands of dead and maimed people in Iraq and elsewhere. Just for starters.

It’s too bad we have an unhealthy obsession with sex, it’s too bad we have puritanical roots, etc. But asking someone, upfront, to please not whip out their dick to young, barely legal strangers in return for voting them into a life of unimaginable luxury and power is a completely reasonable thing to ask. If the candidate can’t say yes to that one simple requirement, and honor it knowing the stakes for you and me, then goddamit, they should not get into politics.



  1. smhll says

    In general, I don’t give a rat’s ass if politicians are monogamous or even if they are stupid when they are horny and start typing dorky things on their phones. (As long as they aren’t stupid when their finger is near the nuclear button.)

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    Murder hundreds of thousands, and you get a library and knee-jerk media attention for every half-baked utterance.

    Commit minor hanky-panky, and you get gross jokes and sneering lectures for the rest of your life.

  3. dickspringer says

    Weiner’s problem is that his actions strike people as creepy, while Clinton and Spitzer were simply acting like red-blooded Americans.

  4. Trebuchet says

    (Pedant mode) The second “weiner” in the title should be “wiener”. (/Pedant mode)

    I’m hearing that his wife is vociferously defending him this time. Hot dog!

  5. Francisco Bacopa says

    I disagree that the Monica thing hurt Gore. Clinton was amazingly popular after he beat his trial in the Senate. I think Gore tried to distance himself too much from Clinton and it hurt him.

    Of course, rigged voter rolls in Florida cost him a lot too.

  6. says

    Yes, not nearly as important as bad politics, but still — surely there must be someone who is at least as politically capable and who isn’t carrying all the creepy baggage.

  7. poose says

    Sorry I I don’t get this one spot on, but I believe it was then French President Jacques Chirac that stated the obvious concerning Bill Clinton:

    “You Americans are so silly. There are only two things any politician should never find himself in bed with-any live man, and any dead woman.”

    Homophobia aside, I think that it’s beyond stupid we (as Americans) expect our politicians to adhere to standards we ourselves cannot abide by.

    Bill could have solved his crisis with six simple words-

    “Yeah, I fucked her. So what?”

    Need a reference-how about JFK?

  8. leftwingfox says

    Commit minor hanky-panky, and you get gross jokes and sneering lectures for the rest of your life

    “See this bar? I built it with my own hands. Do they call me Bill the builder? No.

    I served the town for years, bringing in great works and jobs. Do they call me Bill the Mayor? No.

    But you fuck ONE GOAT….”

  9. magistramarla says

    The sad thing is that the man is a good progressive and a knowledgeable politician – something that is sorely needed in our political leaders. I wish that he could avoid the scandals a get his jollies out of doing good in the political arena.

  10. Randomfactor says

    He’s in favor of supporting parochial schools, helping direct federal money to private schools for security costs, and screwing with teachers’ pensions. Yeah, he says some good stuff…but he’s not pure.

  11. Francesca Salinas says

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  12. kraut says

    Jesus fucking righteous assholy christ, why gives anybody of you US assholes gives a shit who anybody of your politicians fucks with?
    As long as he is not a republican who pretends to be a pure soul untouched by temptation and condemns all sinners and then is found in a bathroom with his pants down diddling or being diddled with – who the fuck cares? Leave the man to fuck who he wants, as long and as hard as he wants, the fucking thing is between and his wife and not between him and a fucking public that pretends to be pure while fucking any dog that will stand still. Fucking arseholy hypocrites.

  13. kraut says

    On a more conciliatory note. What is to be expected from a population that is utterly stupid in its majority: Over 50% believe evolution is false, god created the whole bloody mess, over 30% believe in alien visitations – that is 80% stupid right there.
    Add up all the other stupid believes climate change denial, alien abductions, various conspiracy theories etc.) and you will find out that way over 100% of the US population is stupid – enough to share with the rest of the world, unfortunately.

  14. F [is for failure to emerge] says

    I believe you are laboring under the misapprehension that people get into politics for reasons of statecraft. in service to the public.

  15. davidjanes says

    Of course, rigged voter rolls in Florida cost him a lot too.

    That and people who told us “there’s no difference between Gore and Bush.” Because we know Gore would have appointed Justices Alito and Roberts.

  16. Reginald Selkirk says

    I’m thinking this is bad news for Eliot Spitzer as well, as it cause people to ponder the high rate of recidivism for sex driminals.

  17. says

    Getting caught doing this once could be considered a lapse in judgment. A second time, and it indicates a serious problem. Weiner looks like a good candidate for narcissistic personality disorder.

  18. Skip White says

    I’m surprised kraut forgot to insult all food and beer that any American ever produced, since all good food only comes from Der Vaterland. I mean, he basically called greater than 100% of Americans stupid dog-fuckers.

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