Lt Gov candidate in Virginia notes you are a vessel for Satan



Pastor E. W. Jackson is running for the crucial job of Lt. Governor in Virginia. Can we dispense with which party he’s in? It’s a critical post in VA because that state’s senate is split and the Lt Gov casts the tie breaker. He’s quite a piece of work and exhibit A for why pulpits and ballot boxes mix like domestic bliss and anabolic steroids: [Read more…]

Seems like just yesterday Ed Brayton and I were being monitored by the NSA …

I remember when I first virtually “met” Ed Brayton. Years ago there was and still is a venue called Talk Origins where I sent in an email inviting him to a chat room on MSN called Evolution vs Creationism. See, back in those days the MSN chatroom and associated community were all free. Unlike most chatrooms we could kick dishonest people out if they began trolling, it was greeeeat! Ed Brayton¬†came in, someone pitched him the old Kent Hovind will give you a million bucks if you can prove evolution¬†spiel, at which point Ed replied to the effect of “I’ll give you my entire networth¬†right now if you can prove decapitation¬†causes death using the same criteria¬†Hovind uses for evolution,” and I knew I had met a kindred spirit. Ed was both hilarious and just devastating in debate, still is btw if you ever get a chance to meet him. Of course, nothing that good could last … [Read more…]

Here’s what “fair and balanced” looks like in graphic form


There’s a lot of lessons that can be learned from this. The most obvious being that if only sexual assaults in the military were blamed on Obama, Fox would be all over them. I’m actually surprised House members haven’t trotted that angle out yet. After all, he’s the Commander-in-Chief, you’d think it would be a natural direction to go, right on the corner of¬†Benghazi Blvd between the IRS building and the AP news center. But that might involve admitting the issue exists, which could then lead to support for women in the military and following the blame up the manly¬†chain of command, and that just doesn’t jive with the views of the typical Fox News¬†viewer.

Would the real God fear’n free market please stand up?

I introduce the one, the only, Anatobloc! What it does, who knows and who cares? Because the important thing — indeed the only thing —¬†is it makes its makers money. It has other uses too, not the least of which is it¬†serves as an excellent example of the real¬†free market or RFM¬†below. See, in the idealized hypothetical free market, or HFM, products rise and fall based on price and efficacy with magical elasticity, joined at the hip to supply and demand. But in the RFM it all has to do with promotion and connections. And boy, is this shit ever connected: [Read more…]