The Cooch is all about small gubmint, except when it comes to divorce

Ah Ken Cuccinelli, right-wing god-bot and culture warrior deluxe. We’re all weary with claims by social conservative hypocrites about how they pine for a freer, smaller gubmint America, with liberty for all; except of course when it comes to things they approve of, whether it’s preventing people from entering into marriages the wingnut gubmint dislikes or forcing people to remain in marriages the same theocrats adore:

WaPo — “If you are sued for divorce in Virginia, there’s virtually nothing you can do to stop it,” Cuccinelli said in 2008 to the Family Foundation, a socially conservative Richmond-based advocacy group. “This law has everything to do with the breakdown of the family. The state says marriage is so unimportant that if you just separate for a few months, you can basically nullify the marriage. What we’re trying to do is essentially repeal no-fault divorce when there are children involved.”

As a state senator in 2005, Cuccinelli offered a bill that would have made it so parents initiating a no-fault divorce could have that action counted against them “when deciding custody and visitation.” The measure never came to a vote, but Cuccinelli won praise from Stephen Baskerville, then-president of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, for fighting against the no-fault divorce “epidemic.”

Methinks the Cooch may have a little more in common with fundamentalist Muslims than he would like to admit. But either way, it’s pretty obvious where he got this hard-line divorce theology from, and it wasn’t exactly the US Constitution.


  1. Trebuchet says

    Dunno about that, fundy Muslims have no-fault divorce…for the men. Just say “I divorce you” three or four times and you’re done. That might not bother Cooch, of course.

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