Texas church rife with anti-vaxxers causes outbreak

The anti-vaccine movement is alive and well, much to the detriment of all residents of North Texas and surrounding regions. This is attributed to a church which is said to have many members who object to vaccination. One would assume for the usual bevy of hysterical claims fostered by the willfully ignorant in service to the powerful. They definitely caused a mess in this case:

Dallas News — All 20 measles cases so far have been traced to the 1,500-member Eagle Mountain International Church in northwest Tarrant County, health officials said.

The outbreak appears to be occurring within a group of families that has chosen not to get vaccinated. Church leaders say immunizations are not discouraged. Members are advised, however, to weigh whether or not the shots are right for their families.

Of the Tarrant cases, 12 did not have full immunization to measles. While the other three cases may have been vaccinated, there is no official documentation to verify their status, Roy said.

Herd immunity prevented this from turning into a full-fledged deadly epidemic. But that protection will eventually fail, possibly catastrophically, if fewer and fewer members of society get vaccinated. Via TPM, Kenneth Copeland Ministries clarifies …

“Kenneth Copeland Ministries’ position regarding dealing with any medical condition involving yourself or someone in your family is to first seek the wisdom of God, His Word, and appropriate medical attention from a professional that you know and trust,” the announcement said. “Apply wisdom and discernment in carrying out their recommendations for treatment. This would include: vaccinations, immunizations, surgeries, prescriptions, or any other medical procedures.”


  1. leni says

    I really want to say “I told you so”, but I feel bad for all the kids who didn’t have a choice. Or whose ability to make an informed choice would have been so compromised by their religion that they would not have chosen to protect themselves and other vulnerable people in their community by vaccinating.

    I didn’t get the pertussis vaccine because I’m worried about what will happen to me if I get it. I got it because other people have babies and immunity disorders and transplants and I don’t want to accidentally expose and potentially harm them. If their god is so weak he can’t kill the people he wants dead because most of us are vaccinated, well.

    Not. impressed.

    He still has locusts, sharknadoes and Wall Street to work with.

  2. had3 says

    Why do you need guidance from a medical professional if you’ve already sought and received it from god? Is god’s guidance not enough?

  3. thebookofdave says

    What does the wisdom of God or His Word have to do with public health? Was there an outbreak of leprosy not mentioned in the news article?

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