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    Oddly, on the way through this, I switched the posting between my cell phone and the internet, during his mention of Maybach … by forwarding the URL in progress, it picked up where I left off, which was kind of a shock.

  2. antaresrichard says

    Goodness, I haven’t seen James Burke since The Day the Universe Changed. It was a nice reconnection for me.


  3. rblackadar says

    @3 sonofrojblake —

    But surely he’s wrong in that video? The Saturn V first stage burned RP-1 fuel, not H2. (And I may as well add, since he’s invoking von Braun, that the V2 didn’t burn hydrogen either.)

    I also note that in the O.P. video, Burke gets the Wittgenstein quote exactly backwards, which is rather a shame since it spoils the joke in it.

  4. flex says

    So, this video is from October 5, 2001.

    It is certainly a good lecture, no question there, but quite a bit has changed since then.

    I wonder what he thinks about the monopolization of providers and content sources which appear to be actively maintaining the historical structure while allowing individual expression as long as they get paid for it, or whether he still thinks this is just a phase.

    Mind, twenty years doesn’t allow for much in the way of cultural changes. As an example, when I was in school, in the 1970’s, we learned that the Civil Rights movement started in the 1960’s and was completely successful. As I’ve read more about that aspect of our history, it’s pretty clear that the battle for equal rights started before the creation of the USA, and is continuing today. That’s just one example of the multi-generational nature of cultural changes. Culture is hard to change.

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    The odd thing about the rocket video is that the sound and visuals are perfectly in sync. Given the distance the camera is from the launch pad, we should see the flames well before we hear the roar of the engines. Something tells me they did a little audio slippage in post production. Either that, or we’re hearing the idle sound before it really ramps up.

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