Brain Fart Inaction

Over at Mano’s, [mano] there is some discussion of “monster trucks”

For reasons of brain fart, I immediately thought that monster truck rallys would be just the sort of event the ancient Romans would have loved to have at The Circus Maximus. Naturally, I immediately ran over to midjourney and asked for a few renderings:

Midjourney AI and mjr: “the monster truck rally at the circus maximus”

Profligate displays of conspicuous consumption, especially involving force, power, loud noises, fire, explosions, and blood – are the hallmarks of an imperial power trying to awe others. “Look at how crazy and strong we are!! We build these things then wreck them just because we don’t care and we’ll wreck you, too, if you stand against us.” Maybe have a B-1 bomber do a fly-over to add drama.


  1. Tethys says

    Lolol. I think I would enjoy the monster trucks more than watching gladiators fight each other or getting mauled by lions.

    I’ve never been to a monster truck event, but I do enjoy a nice old fashioned demolition derby. It looks like great fun to play real bumper cars.

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