David Attenborough is Not Cheery

I think he’s being judicious, thoughtful, and scientifically accurate as usual.

The man is a walking time-capsule at this point. He has seen the planet when it was quite a bit colder, when the reefs were alive and there were no “dead zones” in the oceans. He has seen the animals try to adapt and the politicians doing nothing. I can’t imagine what he really thinks. I’m projecting, but I think I would be screaming like Roger Daltrey in Don’t Get Fooled Again.

The decisions we make as we rebuild our economies are critical: get it deeply wrong and we will be in dangerous territory.

Extinction: The Facts



  1. StevoR says

    Just seeing a message saying:

    We’re sorry, but this video is not available.

    from the link in the OP sorry.

  2. says

    Arrgh, it’s probably regionally locked. That’s a problem with how PBS’ funding is done. I don’t have a solution other than to google around and maybe you can find an unlocked version.

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