First Snow!

It started around 2:00pm and came down in gusts, thick and wet.

When I moved to Pennsylvania in 2001, the first winter on the farm was awful – extended periods of -5F with hard winds blowing the snow into huge drifts. I thought I had made a horrible mistake. Since then, though, the winters have been getting milder! Go figure.

The polar vortex upset, however, has brought some odd weather here. A couple years ago there was one week where everyone’s pipes froze, except those who learned from Minnesotans that you keep a little dribble going (and put heat tape around the pipe where it comes into your building) I spent an unhappy morning on my hands and knees gently warming a pipe with a blowtorch. I wonder if this winter will be a weird one or not? Usually we don’t get first snow up here until December.


  1. StonedRanger says

    After a day of 119F in Portland this summer, I am not looking forward to what is coming whether its summer or winter.

  2. says

    I haven’t gotten around to writing about the PRC’s winter woes. Mine flooding and other problems reduced coal production, and Beijing won’t enact price controls. The north and east (Beijing, Jilin, Inner Mongolia, etc.) heat with coal which has tripled in price. Farms are already starting to lose animals to cold and starvation, and deaths in homes could happen if people don’t start pooling coal under one roof. They were getting December temperatures in October.

    On the more pleasant side, here’s that old weather channel favourite by Vancouver jazz/pop group, Skywalk:

  3. Ice Swimmer says

    The light snow on grass is beautifully shown in the picture. Also, the small tree is slightly reminiscent of a capercaillie or a turkey.

    There have been frosty nights but no snow yet here. Last week, the temperatures were unseasonably warm. +10 ℃ (which is with rain enough for a crappy summer’s day).

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