Fall Colors 2018 – #4

As I predicted, the changes in light make it hard to see how the color of the leaves changes.

That was Sunday afternoon. The trees are definitely yellowing. But it’s hard to tell because it was raining.

It’s possible that this year the leaves won’t have time to turn colors before they fall.


  1. says

    Up here in the Berkshire hills of Western Mass we have lots of still green maples and it is now November. In all my many years I don’t recall such a thing. Weather forecast is drab and some wind, so maybe they will just come off without changing color. That means the chlorophyll would still be in the leaves. Egads ….

  2. kestrel says

    Some of the trees here still have green leaves on them and this turned out to be a problem day before yesterday, when we got a fairly big snowstorm. I have half a tree laying in the driveway right now. It was “just” a Chinese elm, but still pretty impressive to see it broken in half like that by the power of snow on the leaves. The weather is atypical here too.

    Oh, but that’s not **climate change**!! Oh no, that happens ALL the time!! /s