The Next Generation

Disney’s animatronic engineers are working on the next wave of models, and they’re pretty darned impressive.

Unlike computer graphics, they have physical constraints to take into account – the materials deform, the joints wear, etc. As a (recovering) computer programmer, when I see something like this all I can think is “I hope they included ‘maintenance’ in their design criteria!”

To really appreciate it you need to see it in motion. I’d love to see this with the skin on. Silicone skin-molds can be incredibly lifelike.


  1. says

    Can they make an animatronic President for you lot? Replace the current monkey house inmate when no-one’s looking.

  2. jrkrideau says

    @ 3 abbeycadabra

    It’s in the Hall of Presidents, and weirdly looks a LOT like Hillary Clinton.
    They thought she would win. Still a bit of tweaking and you have Trump with less development time and cost.