Ask the Strategic Genius: Honesty Under Pressure

This is a counterpoint to our lesson regarding the parking pastor. [stderr]

This fellow is a master of strategy. [limelight]

Freemason Glenn Langford, 51, has been granted bail after being accused of damaging a pipe organ at Brisbane’s Masonic Memorial Centre on Wednesday night. Authorities discovered him lying inside the sizable instrument, drunk and naked. He had with him a remote controlled police car and toy gun, and was arrested on the scene.

Unfortunately, he did place himself in a perilous position, and – worse – damaged some rare and beautiful things.

Yet, he confronted the situation fearlessly. Perhaps, because he did not remember what happened:

When queried as to why he was found naked in the organ, Langford told 7 News that he didn’t have an explanation. “Things just got a little loose… I was out of it. I apologise to all the righteous Freemasons everywhere.”

He probably would have been able to escape the peril with no additional personal damage, had he not also done some serious and unfortunate damage.

Langford allegedly broke into and flooded the premises by turning on taps, which set off a fire alarm alerting the police to his presence. He stands accused of damaging the pipe organ and a decorative wall. Insured for over a million dollars and installed in 1930, the organ’s damage is believed to be irreparable, according to the building’s caretaker.

Why a remote controlled police car? And why inside a pipe organ? These are great mysteries.

Alcohol was involved.


  1. says

    Is the top pic a picture of the meeting space?
    ’cause that is seriously nasty

    They said “irreparable and vintage” not “elegant with great artistic merit”… I won’t go so far as to say he was doing them a favor but – yeah – it kind of reminds me of Opryland.

  2. Raucous Indignation says

    Alcohol was involved, but it’s really a great mystery why he had a radio control car and toy gun and passed out inside a pipe organ? Really?

  3. chigau (違う) says

    Raucous Indignation #4
    We all know that in vino veritas is aload of crap. The vino inserts nothing.
    All of the urges and notions existed before he decided to get drunk enough to provide an excuse.

  4. says

    We all know that in vino veritas is aload of crap. The vino inserts nothing.

    It gives permission.
    That’d probably sound pretty good, too, in Latin: “wine gives permission.” Or perhaps “in wine there are apologies.”