Proof That Liberals are Messing With Space-Time

I have a weird visual memory. I have been watching House of Cards lately, (just in time for Kevin Spacey to ruin it) and one scene meshed weirdly with something I saw on the news yesterday.

So I put my video editing skills to work:

It is pretty suspicious, isn’t it? Here you have a character, Frank Underwood, who is a despicable manipulative ball of slime – in 2014 – and he’s more sensitive to culture than President Trump in 2017. The only rational conclusion that can be made is that liberals are going back in time to make Trump look bad.


  1. Sunday Afternoon says

    I think you’ve proved that time travel is real!

    Having first watched the original BBC series (also on Netflix: I was excited by the deeper story with the reboot, especially in the first series. However, the sprawling fifth series had me shouting inside my head at Clair Underwood, “Get on with it!”

    Watch the original to find out what should happen…

  2. says

    Sunday Afternoon@#1:
    I think you’ve proved that time travel is real!

    I know, right? By Occam’s Razor it must be time travel. There’s no other possible explanation that doesn’t involve more complex hypotheticals, like a president and his staff being complete idiots simultaneously.
    I bet the Russians have a time machine.

  3. Sunday Afternoon says

    I bet the Russians have a time machine.

    THEY DO!!!1!

    How else would they have been able to create that Hawaiian birth certificate and place newspaper birth announcements to create the birther movement to get Trump elected??? Eh? Eh???

    But is it a “Tactical Time Machine(TM)”? Enquiring minds want to know.

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