Get Them While They Are Young

White supremacy is so deeply embedded in everything in the US, that you never have to look very far.

(Seen in one of those fly-by-night costume shops in Pittsburgh)

This makes me want to produce subversive costumes. How about a “tricoteuse” costume? How about a “hang the banker” costume set? How about an “authoritarian goon” costume? Or perhaps a “War Pig” complete with medals and bloody gloves and sleeves up to the elbows, with money falling out of the pockets, and a big gold-plated F-35 neck bling?


  1. cartomancer says

    At least the prisoner costume doesn’t come with blackface make-up included. Though if it did it would be dangerously close to becoming damning social commentary, rather than just tone-deafness.

    Is there an accompanying wealthy private prison company CEO costume, one wonders?

  2. komarov says

    I’d worry about kids in that ‘costume’ being shot by cops ‘fearing for their life’, because escaped prisoner and so forth. They might only be a meter tall each but often run around in groups. And who knows what kind of weaponry they’re concealing in their candy bags? Other costumes are probably safer choices.For example, Pirates Are Fun (and their muskets probably won’t fire) and everyone knows not to waste bullets on ghosts and skeletons. (They’re tasered and clubbed to death, respectively.)