Philipsburgh, PA

Philipsburg is 3hr by car north of Gettysburg, the “high water mark” of the south.

This house is on Rt 53, in a place where everyone drives through. I guess it’s “pride, not prejudice” or something. I’m sure that anyone who’s black feels that’d be a place they could stop and ask for help if their car broke down, right?

Occasionally I think about stopping and asking, but usually when I’ve talked to my neighbors that fly confederate flags, it doesn’t go well. They just spout the usual bullshit and then try to dismiss me as a ${label} ${label} which is pretty funny since, by flying a flag that says “redneck” on it, this household is labeling themselves.

mjr, 2017


  1. chigau (違う) says

    What with the upsidedownandbackwards, I can’t tell.
    Are his stars point up or point down?
    Maybe he’s a satanist…

  2. says

    Maybe he’s a satanist…

    I wish we had a few of those up here. I really do.

    When I had the standing stones erected in my field, one of my neighbors asked me if I was a witch or something. I just said it was “pride in my celtic ancestry.”

  3. chigau (違う) says

    Marcus #2
    and he said ….
    “So. Did you watch the game last night?”
    “Weather’s been good…”
    Do you have pics of the stone out standing in your field?

  4. Bruce H says

    You shouldn’t be nonplussed at the labeling. They label themselves and everyone around them. You get a label, I get a label, the nice old lady down the street gets a label. It’s their thing, they are enlabelers.