Vendredi Voltaire: Savon

Now you can shower with Voltaire. But don’t you dare call it “douche”…

Voltaire by Houdon

(“great white” soap, mold by mjr from a sculpture found on Ebay)

I bet he’s foamy!

When I make this particular formulation, I do large batches, since it’s a very clean-looking and sharp-casting soap. I just make whatever suits my fancy, at random.

Anyone want a soap or two? Trotsky and Marx are always a sure-fire hit, as is Ganesha. I need to do a few more skulls and I’m getting ready to make some cthulhu molds (green soap with UV dye in them…)



  1. says

    I have enough to keep me clean for some time to come. That said, I can highly recommend it, lovely stuff! Nicely ornamental, too. They would make unique gifties.

  2. says

    Also, they have the Rat Seal of Approval™. The rats love a bar of soap to nibble on now and then, but they are quite fussy about which soaps are nibble-worthy. Your soaps pass the rat test.

  3. kestrel says

    **raises hand** I would like a Voltaire please, looks fantastic!

    The Cthulu soap will be amazing. It would make a great plot device in a mystery novel, besides doing its normal function of getting one clean.