A Depressing Episode

Since I spend a lot of time on airplanes and sitting in airports, I listen to a variety of podcasts (they work at 10,000 feet!) including the “Stuff You Missed in History Class” podcast.

They did an episode on the Dakota War of 1862, and it’s really really depressing – especially given what’s going on right now at the noDAPL protests/Standing Rock.

Listen To it.

White America is at it again, clearing the indigenous peoples from their lands. As I write this, the governor of North Dakota has ordered an “emergency evacuation” because you know, it’s getting cold, and all the protesters had better go where it’s warm so the bulldozers can get back to work in spite of, you know, the cold.


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    The council responded to the concern:

    The Standing Rock Sioux, in a statement on Wednesday, said that because “the Governor of North Dakota and Sheriff of Morton County are relative newcomers” to the land, “it is understandable they would be concerned about severe winter weather.”

    They said the camp has adequate shelter to handle the cold weather, adding that the Great Sioux Nation has survived “in this region for millennia without the concerns of state or county governments.”

    There will be no evacuation, and no blockades. The veterans have arrived, and have already formed a shield for one protector action at Backwater bridge.

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    I’m happy that the veterans are there (I was expecting the police to move their schedule up) but I’m sad that it took leveraging America’s near-worship of the military to get the police to back away a bit. I do hope the cops are a bit worried; pushing around professional killers is a different level of game.