How to Critique Infantilism, Special Snowflakes, Manospherians, and the larger Alt-Right in 140 Characters or Less

David Futrelle has been listing tweets he finds interesting, amusing or, in a few cases, actually important. I won’t repeat all of them here, but I have posted one or two before, and this one seems particularly relevant for the FtB crowds (can’t find the original tweet, posting the text). It is from author/artist Scott Westerfeld, the creator of a few graphic novels that I’ve not yet read:

Scott Westerfeld

Common Excuses for Fascism
Germany: Bread costs wheelbarrows of cash
Japan: Obeying emperor god-king
USA: A feminist critiqued my video game

1:37 PM – Aug 18, 2017

yeah, gonna have to try out some of his novels now.



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    Scott Westerfeld’s pretty good. He’s actually done some “young adult” fiction that is not horrible and tries to deal with otherness in interesting ways. His “Risen Empire” books are pretty cool, too, and have a pretty epic battle scene that takes place in a cup of tea.

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    A feminist critiqued my video game

    And what’s really annoying is: the games aren’t very good, either. It’s not as though they’re above reproach for just being shit-rotten. I’ve found myself exchanging online barbs about that topic, and usually my approach is to point out that the feminists are asking for better games. That might even mean better sex scenes and stuff!

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    I guarantee you that if a game came out with a sex scene between two well-written characters showing consent and agency that feminists would have No Problem with this. Bonus points if it’s lesbian, double for they’re not your usual hourglass white girls.

    Sexuality isn’t the problem. Objectification is.

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