New spam filter

Image from Wikimedia CommonsFierce Roller has been getting a lot of spam comments, hundreds of them. They’re all pretty obviously spam, with user names like “Nfl Jerseys 2015” and “cheap ray ban sunglasses.” None of them get through, because I set up the blog so that I have to approve a commenter’s first comment, but just sending them all to spam was getting to be a chore (I have to look at them all, since I don’t want to send legit comments to spam).

So I have installed the Akismet plugin, which is supposed to filter out comments that are obviously spam. I did this yesterday, and haven’t seen a spam comment since (sweet relief!). If you submit a real comment that doesn’t show up after a day or two, please send me an email (if you’re a human being, my address shouldn’t be hard to find). I have approved every real comment, and I hope to keep doing so.

BTW, we’re up to 9,248 blocked malicious login attempts. Keep it up; at this rate you’ve got some hope of cracking my password around the end of Leto II’s reign.

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