Volvox the art gallery

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If you’ve ever seen Volvox alive under a microscope, you probably remember it. They are beautiful, huge (relative to most things in a drop of pond water), and seemingly purposeful as they roll across the field of view. Volvox and its relatives have also played important roles in some big scientific and philosophical discussions, such as the evolution of multicellularity, the evolution of cooperation, and the nature of biological individuality. Given all that, it’s probably not too surprising that the volvocine algae, and Volvox in particular, have inspired a lot of art, including paintings,

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Tranquil Roller

Volvox by Aeravi. Oil on canvas.

“Tranquil Roller” by Aeravi. Acrylic on canvas.

I have featured Aeravi’s painting and photography previously, and here’s another example.

If you have Volvox– or volvocine-themed art you’d like to see on Fierce Roller, feel free to send it to me.

EDIT: Aeravi does commissions, so if there’s a painting you’d like her to create, get in touch via her website.

Volvox by Aeravi

Volvox by Aeravi. Oil on canvas.

Volvox by Aeravi. Acrylic on canvas.

A painting of my favorite critter by my favorite artist. Here’s what she has to say about it:

I am convinced of a connection between arts education and scientific discovery. Also, I love science. Also, science gives artists endless material to play with AND understanding of how things like light work, giving us more tools to play with. Here are some of my paintings inspired by Volvox, a very beautiful algae that lives in freshwater… like Flathead Lake and the Ninepipes Resevoir.

There is lots more good stuff over at her blog…check it out!