I think Tina/Nora has given up on me

I should say Tina/Nora/Victoria, since, as Owlmirror pointed out, she signed her second email to me as Victoria. No problem, Tina/Nora/Victoria, I keep forgetting to sign as Paul myself!

When we last heard from Tina/Nora/Victoria, she was concerned about what happened to the payment I had her FedEx to the Federal Trade Commission, and I told her

You would have to ask A. Robinson. I don’t know who that is, maybe a Harkonnen spy. At any rate, I never got the payment.

Tina/Nora/Victoria is happy to take my word for it. Of course, it’s a fake cashier’s check to begin with, so the only thing she’s really out is the cost of a FedEx overnight shipment.


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This should be interesting

I’m pretty sure I got a scammer to send a cashier’s check to the Federal Trade Commission. I despise Craigslist scammers (all scammers, really) ever since I moved to Vancouver. My dad had driven up with me, all the way from Tucson with Heidi in his lap, and we were staying in a hotel downtown while I tried to find a place to live.

Dad and Heidi

1600 miles in a Miata with a 35-pound dog in his lap. My dad is a hero.

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