I think Tina/Nora has given up on me

I should say Tina/Nora/Victoria, since, as Owlmirror pointed out, she signed her second email to me as Victoria. No problem, Tina/Nora/Victoria, I keep forgetting to sign as Paul myself!

When we last heard from Tina/Nora/Victoria, she was concerned about what happened to the payment I had her FedEx to the Federal Trade Commission, and I told her

You would have to ask A. Robinson. I don’t know who that is, maybe a Harkonnen spy. At any rate, I never got the payment.

Tina/Nora/Victoria is happy to take my word for it. Of course, it’s a fake cashier’s check to begin with, so the only thing she’s really out is the cost of a FedEx overnight shipment.



About $500? Tina/Nora/Victoria is not too picky.

Norahs shipper


Sorry, Tina/Nora/Victoria, I didn’t get that last email until after the move! Didn’t I tell you I was going to lose internet? Anyway, iTunes cards sound like a totally legit way to send money.


That’s so cool of Tina/Nora/Victoria. I just told her that I’m going to keep $500 of her money, for which she’s gotten nothing.

Nora's address

I can’t imagine why that would be, unless it’s because I never sent any cashier’s check in the first place. The address, by the way, appears to be a real one; at any rate Google Maps shows it as a residential area. I expected a P.O. box if Tina/Nora/Victoria/Marco sent me a physical address at all.


I’ll be interested to see how Tina/Nora/Victoria/Marco reacts, if at all, when my payment never arrives. She (or he, or they) has been pretty tolerant so far, what with all my name changes, keeping $500, and general incompetence.


  1. Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says

    I’m enjoying the saga. Thanks for this.

    • Matthew Herron says

      They sent a fake cashier’s check to the address I gave them, which was the address for the FTC. They said they sent a second cashier’s check (which would have been fake as well), but I don’t think that’s true since I asked for a tracking number and never got one (I did for the first one, and it really was delivered and signed for by someone named A. Robinson).

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