Buy your Ph.D.

100 pages ought to do it, I think. If you’re worried that that won’t pass the weight test, just add on a great big appendix; nobody’s going to read it. Think of the time and money you can save! Think of the poor slobs pipetting their youth away while you’re partying. Don’t think about how your committee is going to react to a data-free dissertation at your defense. What can they say? They have to pass you; it’s 200 pages!


StudyBay – is an academic exchange platform for students and writers…

That’s one way to put it. You exchange money for words. I’ll bet they have the best words.


Pay the price set by your writer, and they’ll start working right away. Your funds will be put on hold, so even if you don’t get your paper for some reason, you’ll get all your money back…

Notice that it doesn’t say you can get your money back if the paper is complete crap. Never mind, once they’ve got your money “on hold,” I’m sure they’ll behave responsibly.

This doesn’t strike me as the kind of business that relies on repeat customers. Hmmm…let’s see: StudyBayScamanalyze

If you really want to brighten your morning (I’m all about the sarcasm today, apparently), go check out the reviews on scamanalyze. About half are from their writers, who love the income stream:


The other half claim to be from customers, and they are uniformly positive:


I hope that’s a throwaway account, melyssa. It’s a similar story at other review sites: five star review after five star review, some from writers and some claiming to be from customers. But now and then things like this pop up (from sitejabber):



But don’t worry…


You have 20 days to request “any amount of free revisions!” If you time it right, you can just send your committee’s comments to the writer.

Did I say $545? No, my friend… $535!




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