The company they keep

Women’s Liberation Front, the supposedly radical feminist group that filed commentary opposing Gavin Grimm’s Title IX case for transgender students, is actually financed by the anti-abortion/LGBT James Dobson.

Content Notice: Advocacy for violence, aggressive misogyny.

Alliance Defending Freedom is a huge Religious Right evangelical Christian non-profit law firm which, quote, “seeks to recover the robust Christendomic theology of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th centuries.” Nervous yet? Because that is completely bonkers. The firm has become a massive force for years now in helping develop and hammer out “religious freedom” legislation, seeking to bypass any LGBT employment, housing, medical or public accommodation protections through a “religious belief” exception clause. They literally consider the act of refusing service to LGBT folks as a form of civil rights activism not unlike that of Rosa Parks. This firm, which Women’s Liberation Front received funding from, literally advocates the return of sodomy laws, which we should remind you were only struck down federally in 2003.

And we are just getting started, y’all.

Alliance Defending Freedom was founded by James Dobson and Alan Spears. James Dobson may sound familiar to some of y’all following anti-LGBT legislation, and we will get to him in a second. Because holy crap there is a lot to get to with him. But let’s talk about Spears for starters.

And James Dobson… where do we begin. James Dobson advocates murdering trans women attempting to use the restroom. He claims proponents of gay marriage are literally Hitler. That’s probably a good start. He’s the founder of the group Focus On The Family, also known as Family Policy Alliance, as in WoLF’s partners in the Gavin Grimm counter-suit. This group also advocates gay conversion therapy, changing immigration laws to deport LGBT refugees back to countries that will torture, jail or execute them, and is dedicated to undermining abortion laws and restoring 1950s-style family values.Alan Spears is the co-author of the book The Homosexual Agenda: Exposing The Principal Threat To Religious Freedom Today. It’s a complete mess of a book advocating for gay conversion therapy, obsessively documenting supposed transgressions of varying degrees from “homosexual activists” and suggesting that any attempts to codify protections for gay people in the law is an assault on the freedom for Christians to practice their religious. Considering anti-trans activists spend all day advocating for anti-trans conversion therapy, obsessively documenting supposed transgressions of varying degrees from “trans activists” and suggesting that any attempts to codify protections for trans folks in the law is an assault on the freedom of women, you can see where the game plans start to converge. Books with a similar message, like The Pink Swastika, are, with a few minor word alterations practically identical to anti-trans ideological treatises like Transsexual Empire: The Making of the She-Male and Gender Hurts.

So, we are pretty clear that Women’s Liberation Front is actively working with groups with goals absolutely opposed to anything feminism should support right?

Ha ha ha ha you wish we were anywhere near done yet.

On January 12, 2017, leaked WoLF board meeting notes came to light (not linking directly to a TERF website, sorry) that have made even other anti-trans feminists concerned. The notes are as follows:

The board voted unanimously to engage Imperial Independent Media to fundraise for WoLF on a 20% commission basis, and to authorize Natasha to enter into a contract for these services on behalf of WoLF.”

Imperial Independent Media is run (according to related LinkedIn profiles) by a man named Zachary Freeman, a Focus On The Family-related activist who was most recently in the news over a lawsuit to gather and distribute names of employees at abortion clinics by having them turned over to the Religious Right anti-abortion activist group Center For Medical Progress. The Center For Medical Progress recently had 15 felony charges filed against them for invasions of privacy and illegal recordings made of abortion clinic employees. These recordings were used in sting videos to propagate the completely debunked “fetal-tissue sale” meme that weighed heavily in arguments to defund Planned Parenthood the past year.

This is distinctly important to note because Freeman/Imperial Independent Media has entered into a commission-based agreement with each other. The fundraising activities of one will financially benefit the other.

Not that anyone is really surprised, but transphobia is catching on in supposedly progressive circles, and we need to be aware of the misinformation that’s being injected into the discourse here. Keep an eye out for otherwise conservative men adopting the language of TERFs.



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    Almost total lack of surprise. This very slightly reminds me of the way atheist and secularist activists have often leapt into bed with moneyed right wingers like the AEI and what-not. “Oh, oppose religion cuz women’s rights n stuff, yeah, that’s the ticket. That’s why this oil soaking the rivers of Africa is cool. Reasons.”