Lightning Bolts…



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Earlier, Marcus made a comment about the horses and lightning bolts. Yes, there are a number of oddly placed lightning bolts on the horse quilt, but they aren’t quite intentional. Neurological deficits aren’t fun, especially when you’re doing something like painting, on pristine white fabric. Or canvas, or paper. I’m subject to what my late neurologist called disconnects. As far as my brain is concerned, why yes, I do have a grip of death on that loaded paintbrush. The reality: I don’t, and loaded paintbrush drops right on to an inconvenient place on my pristine fabric. Okaaaay…lightning bolt. Involuntarily dropping things is a right pain, but especially when you have to risk your work. There will no doubt be many more lightning bolts.

Breaking Up Boredom.

Having a large area to fill can get very tedious and boring. You can always go the distraction route, by putting a movie on or playing an audio book. Audio books don’t work for me, I find them annoying. Movies are fine, but they either need to be ones you have seen 5,000 times and pretty much know by heart, or a bad movie that won’t engage your attention much. A good movie you don’t know or know well will slow you way down. If I do movies, I do the Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes movies. They basically provide background distraction, and are a good way to time yourself, as each movie is around 80 minutes. There are other little things you can do, even if you are working to a pattern. If there’s a large area, break it up with various shapes. By the time you’re done, you’ll have a nice, subtle pattern, which is especially nice in large areas done in one colour. You can also take a couple of seconds to randomly doodle, which gives you a goal (one doodle covered, two doodles covered, etc.) and can make the stitching area seem less formidable.

Current Hours: 1,029. Skeins Used: 149. Click for full size.



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