Lightning Bolts…



© C. Ford.

Earlier, Marcus made a comment about the horses and lightning bolts. Yes, there are a number of oddly placed lightning bolts on the horse quilt, but they aren’t quite intentional. Neurological deficits aren’t fun, especially when you’re doing something like painting, on pristine white fabric. Or canvas, or paper. I’m subject to what my late neurologist called disconnects. As far as my brain is concerned, why yes, I do have a grip of death on that loaded paintbrush. The reality: I don’t, and loaded paintbrush drops right on to an inconvenient place on my pristine fabric. Okaaaay…lightning bolt. Involuntarily dropping things is a right pain, but especially when you have to risk your work. There will no doubt be many more lightning bolts.


  1. chigau (違う) says

    This kind of art (pigment on a surface) is a process until the the Artist stops painting. {and fixes the pigments and washes the piece and frames it and etc.}
    I don’t grok putting a boundary between ‘intentional’ and ‘unintentional’.

  2. says


    This kind of art (pigment on a surface) is a process until the the Artist stops painting.

    Yes, it’s a process, a process to transfer the vision in your head to whatever media you want to work with. I know what I want to do, it’s in my head, I can see it. What’s in my head did not have seemingly random lightning bolts. Just because it’s a process doesn’t mean it’s anything goes.

  3. Menyambal says

    Dealing with your difficulties is strength, making them beautiful is art.

    Lightning is the perfect choice. I am reminded of the Chinese horse sculpture where the base is a bird.

    I’m also reminded of Granny Weatherwax saying, “That’s what a horse be.”

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