Aauugh, Some People…

As I noted earlier, back into my stash of vintage thread (deliciously fat, fluffy threads, with such luster!), selected two DMC Mouliné Special, and a Star Six Strand, and look what someone did, decades ago! Oy. Treat your thread well, and don’t wrap wire around it, twisted all about in the strands. Auuugh. Oh gods, they put on cello tape too! Double Auuugh.

Oh, all that ill treatment was to secure this to the skein:

© C. Ford.

Work, Work, Work 76.

A bit further on today. Total Hours: 1,075. Skeins Used: 158. Oh, and I heard that Hedgehog Handworks was closing, and unfortunately, it’s true. That’s a bit of heartbreak. I did manage to grab 2 more beeswax hedgehogs (oh, they smell glorious. Makes your day better having a huffable hedgehog) and a couple of packs of Bohin 22s. Probably be a bit of a wait for them, but that’s okay.  Like all arts, embroiderers have specialist gear and tools, and there’s often lively debate over the best this or the best that. Needles, of course, come up often. While there are different viewpoints as to the best, Bohin always comes out at or near the top. Fabulous French needles. Click for full size.

© C. Ford, all rights reserved.

Descent of Night.

Descent of Night. A very hurried shot, rain still threatens. Now, all I need are some trifolds and good weather to get a good shot. Click for full size.

Descent of Night, acrylic and ball point pen on gesso panel, 18″ x 24″. © C. Ford, all rights reserved.


After a start, and behaving boringly well for eight days, I can’t stand it anymore. Back to painting, damn the pain. If I have to stay all quiet for 4.5 more weeks, I’ll go full court bugshit. Working on the Tree Quilt is out, because there’s just too much twisting in the intercostal area, and that I really can’t do.

Acrylic and ball point pen on gesso board, untitled. © C. Ford.