Teacher’s Corner: The Best Negative News Ever

My Covid test came back negative. This time. And since my sister will have one of those fancy new quick tests at work tomorrow, we scheduled for a hug.

In other news, the situation in schools is terrible. Today the second class had to go into quarantine. From Monday on all kids in secondary school will have to wear masks. Teachers as well, but only cloth or paper.

The ministry refuses to order us to wear N95 masks, because then they’d have to pay for them AND regulations say that you have to take 30 Min of break after 75 min. So we all wear them for hours straight to b protect ourselves and the school from collapsing.

And then you get the parents who are blaming schools and teachers for the regulations of the ministry. Fun times.


  1. says

    Yeah, yesterday I had a student inform me that he had tested positive. I’ve also currently got 4 other students in quarantine. It kind of disrupts lab when 1/6 of your students can’t be physically present.

  2. Jazzlet says

    Yay for a negative test, but huge Boooooooo to the Education people who should have the fucking sense to look after their pimary resource if only to save money in the long run.

    Enjoy your scheduled sister hug!

  3. says

    Yay for the negative test! Boo hiss to the school district putting everyone at risk!

    If mine were kids, I would be attempting to home school them right now -- the risks are just too great for everyone involved.

  4. says

    So now we got three classes and 7 (out of 42!) colleagues in quarantine. Which means that our resources are stretched very, very thin.
    And on top of that the Covidiots seem to plan protests in front of schools on Monday.

  5. says

    Fingers crossed for a continuation of negative positive news.

    Here in CZ Covid does not seem to be getting under control at all. There was a mirage of slowing of new cases, but even if that turns out to be true, the R has dropped only to 1, and at over 10.000 cases daily that is not enough. And deaths, of course, lag behind cases, so those will climb for a week or too still. Currently about 200 people die daily, so in a week would die the same ammount of people who die of flu every year. So much for Covid bein “like a flu”.

  6. voyager says

    I’m delighted to hear you failed the test, but the board of education (or whatever it’s called in Germany) should be doing more to protect its teachers.
    So far, there have been no outbreaks in schools here, but that isn’t likely to last. My county is at the highest infection rate since Covid first arrived here. I live near a high school, and every day I see groups of teenagers walk past my house in clumps, jostling each other, holding hands and even kissing. Worst of all, they drop their masks as they go. I often have to go out with gloves and a garbage bag to pick them up. They’re only kids, so I get it, but I feel like the witch of the West standing on my porch and hollering out to them to pick that up and be careful.

  7. says

    Yeah, it’s impossible to get the kids to physically distance. Apart from the fact that they sit next to each other in class. The tell us that unless there’s a control, they don’t wear the masks in public transport.

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