Degupdate: Hello Gracie

A health degu group  consists of at least three animals, which is why we started out with Candy, Estelle and Katja. After poor little Katja died so early, Candy and Estelle were left alone, which is ok, but not ideal, so we got a third one this Wednesday: please meet Grace, or Gracie as she is affectionately called.

©Giliell, all rights reserved

©Giliell, all rights reserved

©Giliell, all rights reserved

©Giliell, all rights reserved

She is still so tiny, and very shy. Now the degus need to get accustomed to each other, and that takes time, patience and good nerves. Sadly the last element is in short supply right now. We put a fence up between the big part of Degustan and the small adjacent compartment and gave Gracie the small one. They need to get used to each other , so we let them out together yesterday and man, Candy was brutal. She’s the leader of the group and right now, Grace is an intruder who needs to be chased away. Today we didn’t let them out together. they can see each other through the fence, smell each other, and hear each other.

And then I discovered some soft poop in Gracie’s part and nearly freaked out because that was how Katja went. But fortunately our breeder reassured me that for the first few days that’s nothing to worry about. That lady is really how a breeder of pets should be: I can always reach her by mail with my questions, and she’s always happy to receive pics of the degus. She really cares about the animals, not just about some money on the side.

And here’s a bonus pic of Candy, who is lovely, but not the smartest cookie, as she found the jar with the food open, nicked her favourite treat, and then buried it in the jar for later…

©Giliell, all rights reserved


  1. Jazzlet says

    Welcome home Gracie, I hope Candy stops wantig to chase you away jolly soon!

    But Candy, honestly what were you thinking with the burying the treat in the jar? *snigger*

  2. springa73 says

    I hope that Gracie gets accepted by Candy soon.

    Despite seeing lots of other photos, this is the first time I really appreciate how long their tails are. Maybe they just seem long to me since the pet rodents I grew up with were guinea pigs, which of course have no tails at all!

  3. voyager says

    Gracie is a beautiful name and a beautiful girl. I hope she feels at home soon.
    Your story about Candy is sweet and silly. I love how you’re getting to understand their personalities. That’s the best part of having pets for me -- just watching them be themselves.

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