Mein lieber Schwan (my dear swan)

The above is a German expression to indicate surprise, often with some disapproval: “Mein lieber Schwan, did you see how fast that car was going?”. But there’s absolutely no disapproval for our new swan family. They are pretty relaxed for swans, so far.

©Giliell, all rights reserved

©Giliell, all rights reserved

The two youngsters. One of them keeps holding tight to their baby plumage while the other one has been wearing their adult white for a while now.


  1. robert79 says

    Swans are beautiful, they also are fucking scary….

    A year or two back I was cycling through the countryside when I happened across a swan’s nest just by the side of the cycling path. Two adult swans, a bunch of “baby” swans, each the size of a full grown goose…

    One of the adults (presumably the male?) saw me coming, puffed himself up and spread his wings to cover his family.

    Those things are fucking HUGE!!!! He looked the size of a large cow!!! Luckily the cycling path was wide enough to keep some distance… if not I’d probably just have turned around…

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