Jack’s Walk

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Yesterday’s walk by the river was a little more challenging than I bargained for so today Jack and I chose an easier walk and went to our quiet little path in the forest. This spot is another of my happy places. Ive been coming here for 15 years, initially with our first dog Lucy and then adding Jack to our pack. I know every bend of the path, each tree and stump and if I close my eyes I can walk the entire path in my mind. I know where the trilliums grow and the special spots where the red trilliums hide. I’ve walked this path with only the light of the moon and my every sense was heightened, I know it in each season, the ebb and flow of green, white, yellow, orange and red. I’ve watched young trees grow strong and old trees grow weak and I grieved the year that 18 grandmother trees toppled together from the weight of ice. It’s familiar and a comfort and today it was a welcome break from being a voyageur.


  1. Nightjar says

    I love the combination of wood and snow and that’s a very interesting installation artwork on nature’s part.

    I know what you mean about familiar and comforting paths, I have one of those too. And yes, I’ve walked it at night, in every season, under heavy rainfall, and perhaps most dangerously while ash and burned leaves from a nearby wildfire were falling right in front of me (a bad idea, I know). I walked it today, and I feel better because of it.

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