Jack’s Walk

No. 10, ©voyager, all rights reserved

Jack and I have been on the hunt for the rich reds and oranges of autumn, but today this bit of green caught my eye.  Tomorrow Bubba (Jack’s nickname) and I invite you to tag along as we share the showy colours of our very own neighbourhood in an extended Jack’s Walk.


  1. rq says

    My first thought was a little more dismal, but then I remembered things do differently where you are. (I once randomly stumbled across some marked mass graves on your average daily walk… Boy, that was a very different feeling, all of a sudden.)

  2. voyager says

    Oh god that must have been awful feeling. This piece is just a parking lot barrier with ears/breasts.

  3. rq says

    Well, yes and no… Obviously awful in the sense that I knew mass executions happened, in the country, in the area, etc., but it’s one of those “not here-here, of course!” things. But slightly less awful because after poking around a bit in the general area, I realized it was part of a trail commemorating several mass executions that occurred in the 1940s, and were being cared for. And the end of the trail led to this rather remarkable memorial for the Holocaust, in the middle of the forest. And then feelings got awful again when I realized that the entire area, and this is a large forest (not park!) within city limits, was essentially one giant mass grave. Because the markers, once you know what to look for, seem to be everywhere. So, interesting. And the pretty woods suddenly had a very dark and bloody past that I always knew was there, but now I’d seen its remaining shadow.

  4. Nightjar says

    Lovely. I appreciate the green, there’s not much of it here right now. But it rained yesterday, so it should come back any time now!

    I’m looking forward to the extended Jack’s Walk!

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