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I’m so sorry, but I have been eaten alive by pain all day, and nothing has gotten it under control so far. Tuesday is the all day appointment day: labs/research/oncologist/Y program application/radiation/oncologist/caregiver group/possibly swimming if I stop wanting to scream, and probably more stuff I forgot. So I’m going to flake off entirely on Tuesday (17th).

If I somehow magically get the pain under control, I’ll show up.  Right now, I can’t cope with sitting at all, so the thought of sitting down to do blogging is not a welcome one. My apologies, I hope this will be under control quickly, so I can get back to doing the things I love to do.


  1. jazzlet says

    Hope the pain gets less jolly soon, at the very least soon enough for you to swim.

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    I’m hoping for the pain to go away, that in one of the appointments, somebody can do something. My soft, warm or cooling thoughts, pick any that you like. You most certainly don’t deserve to be in that pain.

  3. Nightjar says

    Oh no, I’m so sorry about the pain. :(

    Take your time and best wishes for today’s appointments.

  4. Onamission5 says

    I hope your pain gets back under some semblance of control very soon, Caine.

  5. says

    Thank you all so much! The pain is under control for now, but I’m back on ‘pain schedule’ -- morphine very four hours, which doesn’t make me the sharpest or most awake knife in the drawer.

    Yesterday was much better, and we did get an evening swim in, although trying to swim after all these years and in my present condition -- yiiiikes. I managed 2 fifty yard laps, and some light in water exercises. I really need that strength training. It will most likely take another year to get back into proper shape, but that’s okay, I have to take things very slowly, and Rick is being a ferocious guardian in that respect.

    Got a fair amount of walking in yesterday too, and I want to get more in today -- there are stunning Tiger Lilies all along the street in front of the hospital, and one of our main thrift stores is within walking distance too. :D

    The weather is great today, overcast and 74 F / 23.3 C. A good day to get out with the camera. I might need a nap first.

  6. rq says

    Enjoy your nap -- yep, it’ll take time to get strength back, but yay for the swimming and water exercises, and please don’t overdo the walking! It’s great that everything is within walking distance, though. You have flowers and other distractions within reach.
    (Also, I hope you’re listening to Rick in the ‘take things slowly’ sense. *hugs* and/or *higs* to him, too!)

  7. says

    rq, yes, I am listening to Rick. He decided that it would be 20 minutes maximum as far as swimming went, with 15 better, and we will build up slowly from there.

    The nice thing about photo walking is that you get so many stops along the way, and that time shooting also serves as a basic rest time.

    As usual, I am so behind, but until I get all my email caught up, I’m really looking forward to your package, and I will keep an eye out for it! Thank you so very much. ♥

  8. jazzlet says

    Good work Rick :) !

    Swimming is a lot more tiring than walking, you use such different muscles. Photo walks sound good, especially if there are places to sit if you do need to, but watch it with this ‘I want to do more’, please listen to what the rest of your body says about that. Thrift store sounds potentially dangerous ;) Glad the pain is under better control, sorry it’s at the cost of alertness, it’s frustrating I know.

  9. says

    Thrift stores are always dangerous, and happily so!

    I am being very careful, not overdoing at all. I walk twice a day, at my leisure, which has really helped my legs and lower body strength, and that does make me feel better. I have to be back on the pain med schedule for now, every four hours, and that slows my walking down quite a bit, making sure all the walks are more slow ambling about.

    Oh, I forgot to say -- the other day, I asked my radiation techs if Rick could come in the infinity room so he could see the accelerator with the arms extended, and my cradle, and how the slab works, all that stuff. He left the room with the techs, and then they let him hang out in the control room while they did the scan. It was nice for them, being able to talk about their work and the accelerator with someone who knew what they were talking about. The techs were right impressed when they found out Rick knows what a multi-leaf collimator is and all that. :D

  10. says

    I am glad to read that you feel better. Shame about the pain, but there’s hope it will get under control and stay under control.

    Swimming is very good exercise for regaining strength. It exercises the whole body, which no ammount of lifting weights can achieve.

    Take care.

  11. jazzlet says

    multi-leaf collimator

    0_o that was fun for all of them and nice of the techhnicians to be so generous.

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