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Okay, Is Everyone Upset?

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According to the Family Research Council, all of us secular liberal types are all upset, reallytrulyseriously upset, because merry christmas. Going by them, it’s a type of wolf’s bane – now you too can ward off those evil and scary secular liberals, by saying merry christmas! Yes, it’s that easy! Just three easy payments of $29.95, and we’ll show you the secret to… :cough: Sorry about that.

In an email yesterday on behalf of FRC’s political arm, FRCAction, Boykin wrote under the subject line “Finally, a president who celebrates Christmas!”:

This Christmas, President Trump is further separating himself from the left-wing legacy of Barack Obama, who famously wanted a “non-religious” Christmas.

The Trumps are highlighting a larger-than-life nativity scene and displaying a wealth of beautiful decorations celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

They are wishing Americans a “Merry Christmas” in the White House, on social media, and even on their beautiful Christmas cards.

While the White House may be celebrating Christmas, secularist liberals around the nation are upset that our president is honoring this blessed time of year. They are more determined than ever to strip away our rights to celebrate our faith — and the true meaning of our most treasured and joyous holidays — in the public square.

I don’t give a shit what people do on their own property, but promoting one particular religion has no place in any publicly funded building or institution. Y’know, separation of church and state, all that. The Tiny Tyrant is a fucking idiot, who is tossing this to all the other idiots, like it means something.

We are a nation that was founded on the freedom of religion.

Yeah. It would be really nice if you fucking christians figured out that doesn’t mean freedom of christianity only. That’s what you want it to mean, but that doesn’t make it so. FFS, you morons worship the damn constitution more than your psychopathic god, and you still can’t get anything right.

Now, we are fighting to preserve those very rights that the Founding Fathers gave us in the Constitution.

When President Obama was in office, his hand had to be forced to include images of the nativity in his decor. He downplayed Christmas at every opportunity.

For eight years Barack Obama avoided mentioning Christmas whenever possible and instead used terms such as “Seasons Greetings.”

There are millions of Americans who share this same secular sentiment with the former president, and they don’t want to see President Trump so openly and publicly celebrating the birth of Christ during this blessed season.

Quite honestly, I don’t care what the Tiny Tyrant does, I’m really trying to not pay attention, else I’d just be a big stain on the wall. The Fucking Idiot can pretend to be a christian all he wants, and you idiots are free to swallow it whole.

They want to stop you and me from publicly living out the principles of our faith during Christmas, or at any time of year!

Yeah, ya see, the sticking point is that publicly business. Say merry christmas all you want, and you’ll see exactly no one upset about it. Weigh yourself down with instruments of execution, sing your hymns, wear a nativity scene on your head, whatever. Who cares? It’s just that you don’t get to claim public buildings, in which all society is served, to be exclusively christian. Get it? You have to share the religious stage, oh my.

That’s why brave Christian brothers and sisters are in court all around the country right this minute, fighting to defend our right to the freedom of religion. It’s why activists just like you are working through their churches and in their communities to keep Christ in Christmas.

Oh FFS. And us godless types are the ones who are supposed to be upset? Have a cup of eggnog or something, and relax a bit.* You won’t fucking die if other people celebrate in whatever fashion they see fit, and try to figure out why being exclusionary bigots isn’t working out for you.  Me, I’ll carry on with my Brumalia, and Saturnalia is right around the corner! Good times.

*Next year, think about indulging in Krampusnacht, that’s on December 5th. You can start celebrating early! There’s more to life than your psychogod.

Via RWW.

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  1. says

    I don’t think I have ever heard of anyone being upset by “Merry Christmas”. Hell, I’m sure not. I say it all the time if I’m aware that the person is Christian and celebrates Christmas (just as I’ll say Happy Hanukkah to someone I’m sure is Jewish, Happy Kwanzaa to someone who I know actually celebrates that, Happy Omisoka to those I know celebrate that, Happy Yule or Happy Saturnalia to the Pagans I know, and Happy Holidays to everyone else I don’t know).

    On the flipside, the amount of people offended by “Happy Holidays” is ridiculous. That’s the only complaining I hear about this time of year…

    If you say “Merry Christmas”, nobody panics, because it’s all part of the plan. But if there’s just one “Happy Holidays”, then everyone loses their minds!

  2. says

    I know, it’s all so silly, but the Tiny Tyrant has made a huge thing of this, and all the idiot christians are eating it up, like he actually accomplished something.

  3. Onamission5 says

    My deeply fundamentalist mother was the person who advised me as a child, back in the super duper tolerant olden days of the late 70’s, to say “Happy Holidays” to people when I didn’t know if they celebrated Christmas or not, in order to prevent accidentally making someone feel left out.* Because manners, and because it’s useful as a general winter greeting from at least November through New Year’s, and also for when you can’t remember the name of the holiday someone celebrates but you know it’s happening sometime in the near future, and you want to be polite without totally bungling-- saving face as much as manners in that regard.

    That’s a thing I wish these folks would be willing to comprehend. Happy Holidays? It kind of lets them off the hook for actually getting to know anything about their neighbors and coworkers or the new folks down the road, it’s a safety move as well as a politeness. No one can actually make them learn about other people’s beliefs or practices against their wills.** They don’t have to know if their neighbor is Buddhist, Happy Holidays! They don’t have to give a shit that the lights in their coworker’s cubicle are secular, Happy Holidays! They don’t need to know what Saturnalia is, Happy Holidays! If you think about it, it makes one appear somewhat engaged but also can be cover for the fact that you’re just kind of lazy? But they want something other than the last few decades’ status quo of low key interpersonal laziness and CYA or basic manners, they want domination at others’ expense. Fake persecutions sure are useful for that end.

    *this also has its problems, mind, because not everyone celebrates a specific big winter holiday and not all persuasions even have holidays, but it’s a start
    **I grant many of them feel that learning through osmosis is the same thing as being forced to do something terrible as it applies to them, but I don’t grant that feeling any legitimacy

  4. says

    Onamission5, yes, I was taught the same thing. Happy Holidays makes for a pleasant placeholder, and doesn’t leave anyone out.

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