What We Deserve…

Dante and Virgil in Hell, William-Adolphe Bouguereau.

There are times I idly wish some form of underworld existed; when it comes to mouthy, obnoxious, immoral christians, I could get on board with the notion of hell. At least for a time. I can’t ever get past that ‘tortured for all eternity’ business, it’s just too much. No matter which particular underworld, any treatment would pall after a sufficient time. Anyroad, Liz ‘Red Shoes!‘ Crokin had something of a pity party the other day.

Liz Crokin declared recently that she is not worried about her career suffering due to her obsessive efforts to prove that countless government, business and entertainment leaders are involved in a massive satanic pedophile ring because she knows that she will be rewarded by God for her work.

I wonder, does it ever dawn that there has been no reward? It has to occur at some point. No wonder theists then take refuge in ‘the afterlife!’.

In an interview with the America First Media Group last week, Crokin said that while she has suffered personally and professionally because of her crusade to expose supposed rampant pedophilia and child sacrifice, she would “rather be poor and getting the truth out there and being on the right side of God and history.”

That’s nice. It’s easy to be on the right side of a ‘god’, when said ‘god’ is a figment of your imagination, and of course believes everything you do, and shares all your hatreds. As for history, ah, that one is not quite so easy to deceive. It is remarkably arrogant of Ms. Crokin to think she’ll make the history tomes of the future. I’m afraid the majority of humanity never gets close to being recorded for all posterity.

“Judgment Day is coming and not only is God going to unleash His wrath on the pedophiles, He’s also going to unleash his wrath on the people that knew about it and covered for it,” Crokin said. “People like us will be rewarded by God … People like us who have been censored and punished for having politically conservative viewpoints, supporting Trump and especially the people that have hurt us for trying to help children and save children from predators, there will be a day where we will not have to worry about our bills and we will get lifestyle that we deserve.”

Oh my. There’s a lot of material there, but I’m going to focus on this one small part:

we will get lifestyle that we deserve.

This is about lifestyle? This is about your desire to have the power which comes with obscene amounts of money? I’m pretty sure christianity throughout the ages has had plenty to say about rich people and filthy lucre, not that it has ever stopped christianity at large from amassing filthy amounts of wealth and power. Gosh, I thought you’d be all happy to be poverty ridden in the cause of your god. I rather doubt you’re all that poor, either. I expect you might be exceeding the framework of your current lifestyle. People do that one all the time. So, Jehovah is going to look upon you one of these days, say Good work, Red Shoes, have a pile of money! ? Hmmm. From what I remember of my christian days, it doesn’t work like that.

As for Jehovah unleashing his wrath on those who sexually abuse children, he’s had one hell of a long time to do just that. People have been abusing children in a variety of ways since always. That god of yours didn’t care when the church was using children as convenient fodder for the crusades, which also allowed the church to pile up on all that filthy lucre. Your god didn’t care when children were routinely worked and fucked to death by all those holy servants. And so on. There are children around the world suffering at the hands of adults, every single moment of every single day. Haven’t noticed a great swath of punishment happening. And it won’t happen. Trying to narrow it down to non-existent cults in Hollywood won’t help at all, because your god doesn’t exist. It’s on us to change things; it’s on us to help all those in untenable situations. I note you aren’t doing that, Ms. Crokin. Well, keep hollering. I’m sure if you pander to the willfully ignorant and gullible, you’ll get your hands on that filthy lucre one of these days.

Oh, and if you’re being censored, I expect silence. That would be blissful. Unfortunately, no bliss for us. Apparently, Ms. Crokin jumped all over the Tiny Tyrant’s recent fumble with a water bottle to turn it into something mysterious and cooooool:

President Trump’s Fiji water stunt today was no question strategic! He does not usually have a special table with water on it! They put the water on the table front and center on purpose because it’s a clue. The clue is Fiji! Plus, Trump was so dramatic about the water, it’s obvious he was sending a message. Also, he knew the brain dead MSM reporters would mock him for this leading people like me to take note and research the significance of Fiji.

There are lots of working theories on what Fiji symbolizes. The CEO of Fiji is corrupt as hell and a huge Clinton backer. Obama is a fan of Fiji water too, travels there and allegedly has a bunker there. I’ll post more theories in the comments.

If you can’t see that this was a strategic move, you don’t understand Trump. Literally everything he does has significance, meaning, symbolism, etc. Plus, he’s a master troll! Let’s not forget his epic photo op in front of the kids right after he got into the White House in front of Hillary Clinton’s portrait, lol!

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  1. StonedRanger says

    I wish her god would come and take all his asshole followers home, wherever that is. The sooner the better. This kind of nutbag dipshittery is getting very old and tiresome. To believe the things this dingbat believes takes a special kind of stupid. Shaking my head.

  2. says


    This kind of nutbag dipshittery is getting very old and tiresome.

    Oh yes. And beyond boring. It’s been the same old bugbears for decades. I wouldn’t mind so much if they had a modicum of imagination, at least that might make for entertaining performance art; but these efforts are so dismal. I’ve never known a group more devoid of imagination than the religious reich. Medieval christians at least had imagination and artistic flair.

  3. busterggi says

    The Crokins in the US keep screaming that this is a Christian country, that it always has been, that the overwhelming majority of the people are Christain.

    Whio does that leave to be secretly running this vast conspiracy of theirs and how did it ever even get started?

  4. says


    Whio does that leave to be secretly running this vast conspiracy of theirs and how did it ever even get started?

    Coming up with an answer to that one is something which would require imagination, which is why it won’t ever be answered in any fashion.

    I swear, I could probably make a bundle hiring myself out to these jokers as a conspiracy writer. I’d do a much better job than they do.

  5. lumipuna says

    There are lots of working theories on what Fiji symbolizes.

    Call me when Trump starts drinking Finlandia vodka at press appearances.

  6. Some Old Programmer says

    That’s nice. It’s easy to be on the right side of a ‘god’, when said ‘god’ is a figment of your imagination, and of course believes everything you do, and shares all your hatreds.

    Hmm, the nasty/snarky part of me wonders if this is what’s meant by “personal faith”.

  7. says

    It’s comforting to inagine that people will somehow get what they deserve. But that presupposes the wisher is disempowered. It is far better to give people what they deserve in the here and now.

  8. says


    Ah such beautiful light.

    And beautiful bodies. He had an exquisite touch when it came to anatomy. Christianity was such a convenient excuse to do nudes.

  9. rq says

    Yeah, I didn’t read too much of the article because I stopped at the painting. At first I misidentified Dante and Virgil, and couldn’t remember why no one’s ever talked about this part of their relationship… Stunning musculature, and such a weirdly painful and erotic pose. Do love the lascivious devil awaiting the next chapter, though.

  10. says

    Well, the ‘man’ on the left is about to rip open the other one’s jugular vein with his teeth. If I remember right, this would have been the punishment for those who brawled or sewed dissension. Been a long time since I read it. You can see others fighting to the death in the background.

    You can see it better in giant size.

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