1. blf says

    I know! I know! That’s a, ah, ah, an, no, no, two um, unicycles. Yeah, that’s it, unicycles! You can tell since the wheels and tyres and spokes and things have all been et. Makes it obvious, really. Glue ’em together and you’ll have a bicycle-built-for-two with no wheels.

  2. says

    Charly, anything toxic is kept locked up, securely, inside a heavy metal locker. Standard paint won’t hurt them in the slightest, nor will soap, which they love. I get more concerned when they get into cleaning products (like window cleaner), which you told me they do to get drunk. I keep those secured now. Very little seems to have a negative effect on rats, at least when it comes to my chemical crews.

  3. says

    Yes, they love soap. All rats have a thing for soap. The kind doesn’t matter much, but whenever Marcus has sent me a box of soap, I let them choose which bar they want, and they always choose a person one.

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