Vaccinations Are…Population Control!!1!1

The Inner Rodney Howard-Browne, aka Belphegor.

Rodney Howard-Browne, that Master of Conspiratorial Idiocy, has actually dialed down the rhetoric a bit for this latest round of “look what shit I can make people swallow!”

“The dogs want war,” Howard-Browne said. “Our American men and women are being used as cannon fodder for the globalist agenda. We’re not in Afghanistan because we’re killing terrorists. The ISIS bases are in 49 states in America that the CIA brings them and trains them here and then ships them out to the areas of the world where they want there to be conflict. They are all trained here. Osama bin Laden worked for the CIA, so does Anderson Cooper. Work that one out.”

Pretty sure most dogs don’t want war at all. Attention, playtime, food, bones to chew, a nice place to sleep, that’s dogs all over. If you want to talk people, well, it’s people like the Tiny Tyrant who are slavering for yet more war. Donny and his puppet Pence can’t talk about those wonderful nukes enough. They are the morons who think you can settle all things with more war, and hey, why have a military if you aren’t going to use it?

Of course Afghanistan is fucking sham, the whole damn thing is, most people are well aware of that one, Rodney. 49 states? Oh, guess that awful island of evil isn’t included anymore, what with the issuing of birth certificates and stuff. Bin Laden is dead, and when he was alive, it could not be said that he had any regard for uStates. Pretty sure he wouldn’t want to be stuck in a secret CIA den somewhere. Damn, that Anderson Cooper must be one busy person! I can’t imagine how he fits all that into his schedule. Really, since you’re pushing the idea that the CIA does everyone’s thinking for them (there’s an insult and a half), I’d think everyone ought to be giving you a healthy side-eye, Rodney. “Hey, what better way to get people to not believe we’re behind everything – hey, Rodney, get on that right away!” Ooooh, conspiracy. It’s really easy, cooking this shit up, but it can’t be healthy, being so obsessed with it.

Howard-Browne claimed that vaccines are really just an eugenicist effort to impose population control on the world by sterilizing people and giving them diseases, vowing that he’ll “go Old Testament” if anyone ever tries to forcibly vaccinate him.

If vaccines sterilised people, we wouldn’t have the current massive population. If vaccines sterilised people, I would not have had such a difficult time when I started seeking sterilisation.

“There was talk about five years ago, they were going to stop people by the side of the road and give them forced vaccinations,” he said. “Let them try. I have a couple of injections for them and it’s going to be the size of a .45, I can promise you right now. Somebody said, ‘But you’re a Christian.’ Yeah, I am, but I’ll go Old Testament for a half an hour, it’s not a problem.”

:Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha: :hahahahahee: :Thud: No, there was never talk of vaccination stops, let alone forced ones. Going by your age, Rodney, you were duly vaccinated as a child, like I was. Yep, you’re 56, I’m 59, so that was all taken care of long days ago. You should be grateful, polio is nasty. Yes, yes, you’re a christian alright, declaring your intent to murder over a vapourous fantasy.

RWW has the story, and two videos.


  1. says

    This guy has apparently some unresolved issues from which stem his violent fantasies about going “old testament” on someone. I am glad to have an ocean between him and me.

  2. blf says

    I wish there was an ocean separating him from me.

    For certain values of “me”, there is…… ;-)

    The claims of vaccine sterilizing people is near-identical to those made in some Muslim-majority rural(?) areas in parts of Africa and the Middle East by kooks such as the taliban. To the best of my knowledge, in most places, that set of vicious lies was countered by patiently getting the local mullahs and imams and elders and mayors — locally respected and trusted people — onboard with the vaccination programs (mostly polio, as I recall).

  3. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    Just got my flu vaccine shot. I’m 65+. Don’t worry about procreating. Real statistics mean more to me than paranoia.

  4. Raucous Indignation says

    I never saw a single case of the serious vaccine preventable childhood illnesses when I was in training. I had experienced preceptors that had never seen a single case either. Alas, that is no longer the case for all young trainees. They get to see all sorts of diseases that should be consigned to the history books. There is a fairly long list of disease that could be completely eradicated. So far we’ve only succeeded with small pox. (Assuming our damnable governments have stashed some away.) We are close with polio, and getting very close with dracunculiasis. I mean all people of the world when I say “we” here. It takes a true mobilization of will from the local village/town level all the way up to international organizations like the WHO to eradicate a preventable disease.

  5. says

    Raucous Indignation:

    (Assuming our damnable governments have stashed some away.)

    They do. You don’t really think they’d destroy such a valuable weapon, do you? The only ‘big’ childhood disease I ever had was measles, but it was a very mild case, and I never felt the least bit ill. Got to stay home from school, though! The vaccinations worked on all the others. I remember my uncle (four years older) getting chickenpox, and being miserable for ages, and one of the next door neighbour kids having mumps, and they were also in a right miserable state.

  6. says


    Just got my flu vaccine shot.

    Oh duh! I didn’t even think about flu vaccines. I’m pretty sure Rodney doesn’t have to worry about having one forced on him.

  7. Nerd of Redhead, Dances OM Trolls says

    I’m pretty sure Rodney doesn’t have to worry about having one forced on him.

    Flu shot forced upon me? I was the one who brought it up.

  8. says

    Nerd, I was talking about Rodney Howard-Browne -- the guy in the OP who is all upset about having a vaccine forced on him.

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